Mood Swings: Your Hormones Affect Your Mood, Manage Naturally

Mood swings could be due to Hormonal imbalance that can cause bouts of anger, irritability, depression, anxiety,  fatigue and insomnia. Regulating your hormones can significantly improve and balance your emotional health and resolve mood disorders. Learn the simple ways you can manage your mood swings naturally.

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Licorice Root Benefits and Side Effects (Licorice Tea Recipe)

Licorice root has been around for centuries as part of herbal medicine or homeopathic treatments. Licorice Root is naturally sweet and it reduces cortisol, which is the stress hormone. Thus an effective herb to lose weight and also helps with adrenal fatigue. Licorice Root has many health benefits. It detoxifies the body, soothes spasms, eases menstrual cramps, reduces inflammation in the body and protects the skin from external agents, and helps in strengthening the hair. 

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