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Under The Influence of Marketing

We have been under the influence of the food marketing industry for a long time. Busy in our work life schedules, managing home and hectic stressful jobs we gave into an easy adoption of quick easy food options.

Food marketing industry bombarded us with all sorts of easy to pick health foods which anyways led us to a more unhealthy lifestyle.

Start Your Wellness Journey with Wholesome Meals.
Wellness is About Making a Wholesome Healthy Meal for Yourself!

Life was Good When We Cooked in Our Own Kitchens

Life was good when our grandmothers or mothers used to pick local fresh produce and used to cook for us the wholesome meals.

We in our struggle of life pushed the home cooking on the back seat and with strong incomes pushed ourselves to more of choosing easy food delivery models, fast and easy food binging and going out to the restaurants.

With all this we may have achieved convenience and comfort but there was no joy of eating wholesome meals with family and friends and we also moved away from good health. Today the obesity rate amongst us and our children is so high.

The Joy of Eating Together in this Pandemic Era.
The Joy of Eating Together in this Pandemic Era

Pandemic Brought The Forgone Tradition Back

In this Pandemic, we got the chance to be at home and get the tradition of home cooked food back to our daily eating patterns.

Most of us started to enjoy cooking as it became a good family time together, experimenting with new recipes for our kids and family.

Most of us who were stuck in hectic jobs of travelling and eating unhealthy food and were struggling with those bellies and extra weight got a chance to eat healthy food, follow some fitness regime and lose that extra weight.

Weight Gain in Covid is your Lifestyle Problem. Change It!
Weight Gain in Covid is your Lifestyle Problem. Change It!

Why Are We Still Complaining of Weight Gain?

But there are few people who still complain that sitting at home is making them gain weight. 

So for all those who are still complaining of gaining weight in this Sit at Home COVID era. You really need to take some steps towards your wellness journey to utilize this time to be more holistic in your approach and learn ways to be healthy and fit.

Wellness Journey… Is a Way of Life

Wellness Journey is a step by step process to embrace small changes in our day to day life to reach our wellness goals. We all know and are well informed of what is good and what is bad for our health. But all that we lack is the initiative to get started somewhere and start adopting those small changes in our lives.

Wellness is just about being conscious and making small steps everyday.

Start Your Wellness Journey by Being Mindful. Mindfulness Brings Positive Mindset. Practice Meditation.
Being Mindful Brings Positive Mindset. Practice Meditation

1. Guard Your Mind

Gaining and losing weight comes from our subconscious mind. In fact, if your mind has unhealthy messages about food and body weight buried in your subconscious then your body may be CONSPIRING to get you fatter while you’re at home.

Make a positive mindset towards your body and make one small change which you are aware you are not doing right for yourself.

2. Take the Healthiest Habits You Can

Wellness is all about healthy choices and healthy sustainable habits.

Once again, it all starts with mindset.

Get into a routine. Every week add one good habit into your routine like:

Brushing your teeth after every meal.

Start with Oil Pulling as first thing in the morning.

Start with a 30min walk in open air.

Practice 30min yoga and meditation before your breakfast.

My favorite is 15 minute Morning Yoga Routine | Full Body Yoga Flow

15 Minute Morning Meditation (Attract Abundance)

Make one meal wholesome including fresh vegetables, fruits, good complex carbs and a healthy source of protein.

Sit with family and eat together.

Find healthy nutritious recipes to engage in healthy cooking meals for your family.

Decrease packaged food consumption.

Replace biscuits, cookies with healthy options like dates, raisins, dry fruits.

Clean your house daily.

The list can be different for different people. Sit and relax. Make your own healthy habits goals and try to achieve one every week and make it sustainable and a lifetime habit for yourself.

When you get in the habit of doing something nice for your body or for your loved ones every day, your subconscious starts believing in positivity and you start achieving your healthiest goals with much ease and with a positive mindset.

If you want to lose weight don’t struggle just do a 15-Minute Weight Loss workout and just do it everyday. Consistency matters not how much strenuous workout you did.

15 Min No Jumping Workout To Lose Weight At Home

We fail because we are not consistent. 

Be inspired to achieve good health and follow every healthy inspiration during the Coronavirus stay at home going on. Join me in this wellness journey by joining my group on Facebook.

You’ll be amazed at how much progress you can make.

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