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Snakes in your Dream | Meaning and Symbolism


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Dreams About Snakes
Dreams About Snakes

Snakes in your Dream

One of the most common animals found in dreams is the snake. Snakes in your dream can have both positive and negative meanings. For centuries, snakes have been associated with wisdom and healing. 

Source of wisdom

Among Asian and Native American cultures, the snake is a wisdom symbol. The idea of wisdom comes from the snake’s ability to shed its skin and renew itself. If one dreams of snakes from this perspective, it is a dream of renewal, problem-solving, and good tidings in general.

The Fertile Snake

Snakes were worshipped in every corner of the ancient world as creatures who symbolized fertility, birth, death and resurrection.

One common image is of a snake wrapped around the earth. From the Nordic Jörmungandr to the Hindu Ananta, this image portrays the snake as responsible for holding the world together.

Similarly, The Cosmic Serpent winds itself around an egg, clearly a symbol of fertility and rebirth, as well as creation of the universe.

Despite the fear they arouse, snakes in dreams are actually usually complex and multi-layered symbols.

Snake refers to fear:

For many, the image of a snake can invoke fear. Snakes are unpredictable and can strike at anytime without warning. Thus a snake in your dream may  represent something in your life that is unpredictable and out of your control. You are afraid of the unknown.

Snake refers to sexual temptation:

While snakes might indicate sexual energy in our dreams, especially if they slide into bed with you or the dream in some other way is erotically charged.

If you are afraid of the snake, then it signifies your fears of sex, intimacy or commitment. 

To dream that you are eating a live snake indicates that you are looking for intimacy or sexual fulfillment. Your life is lacking sensuality and passion. 

Snake refers to subconscious:

A snake may represent your subconscious. Sometimes the snake can be found swimming in the water which is also reflective of emotions that you are suppressing.

If you dream of a snake inside a box, then it implies that you are refusing to acknowledge some part of your subconscious. The dream snake may be alerting you or carrying some sort of hidden message.

Snake in dream can symbolize a new way of being:

In dreams, snakes can also represent a powerful sign of personal transformation – change through healing, almost like an initiation. These snake dreams, though they may make you anxious, provide an important opportunity to leave behind something that hurts and restricts you, and move forward into a new way of being.

Snake can represent passion and motivation:

A snake rising up, coming awake after hibernation or uncoiling and springing to life can indicate your own energy flowing freely again, your passion and motivation.

Snake refers to hidden threats:

Snakes are also symbolic of a hidden threat and/or a betrayal. They lie in wait waiting for the perfect opportunity to make a move. If the snake bites you, then the dream is trying to alert you to something in your waking life that you are not aware of or that has not yet surfaced. 

To see a baby snake in your dream means that you are underestimating the threat. If you kill the snake or if the snake is dead, then it means that this threat has passed or that you have overcome it.

Snake refers to transformation:

With the ability to shed their skins, snakes represent transformation.

If your dream left you with a positive feeling, then the snake dream represents positive change, self-renewal, growth, knowledge and wisdom.

What new changes are occurring in your waking life or what are you looking to change? 

In particular, dreaming of a red snake highlights the positive characteristics of the snake, as well as your fiery passion. 

If you are fighting with the snake, then it means that you are fighting against change. You like things the way they are, even though you are not being challenged or fulfilled. 

Snake refers to creativity:

Another positive interpretation of the snake points to your creativity and potential.


The symbolism of snakes can be either positive or negative, depending on your feelings toward the snake. Sometimes it is difficult to get past the initial fear your feel toward the snake so you can gain a more meaningful analysis of your dream.

Many dreams are your unconscious mind’s response to events in your past and present. If you have any troubling memories or childhood trauma, they may be represented in dreams as a snake.

Try to process your past traumas by writing in a journal or talking to a psychologist, because if not dealt with, these issues will snake their way into your dreams. 

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