Medohar Guggulu for Weight Loss

Medohar Guggulu is an effective ayurvedic remedy for weight loss. It’s an anti-obesity herbal supplement to stimulate fat metabolism and burn excess body fat, especially around the belly and hips. 

Achieve Your Weight Loss Goals with Medohar Guggulu

If you are facing challenges with your weight loss goals, try to include this medicine in your daily lifestyle. Initially, you might feel an increase in your appetite, but after a few days, you could feel a reduction in appetite. Therefore, you should not stop taking Medohar Guggul.

Rather you should increase your intake of salads, seasonal fruits, vegetables, or foods with a low glycemic index. Almost all types of salads, fruits, and vegetables have a low glycemic index, so it is the best healthy and nutritious diet for your weight loss goals. You can also add Vrikshamla (Garcinia Cambogia) to suppress the excessive cravings for foods.

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Medohar Guggulu is an excellent herbal medicine that works on your sluggish metabolism and naturally burns fats. It also works in all the following KAPHA symptoms that are associated with your excessive weight gain:

  1. Lethargies or laziness or inactiveness
  2. Loss of energy
  3. The feeling of heaviness in the body
  4. Abdominal heaviness after meal
  5. Congestion
  6. Excessive sleep
  7. Passive depression or aloneness

Speed up weight loss by combining these 3 with Medohar Guggulu

In some cases, if the result is slow, one can combine Medohar Gugullu with Triphala Guggulu, Pushkarmool, and Vrikshamla to speed up the fat-burning process. This combination speeds up the shedding of the fat and works on the overall body including facial fat. Some people may initially feel an increase in appetite, but you should not stop taking this remedy because your body is correcting your metabolism and it will reduce after a few days.

Medohar Guggul Benefits

Medohar Guggul increases lipid metabolism, may induce natural cellular death of adipose cells, and inhibits the production of new fat cells. It also acts on the thyroid gland and stimulates thyroid functions. Thus, it improves the metabolism in the body.

The general dosage of Medohar Guggulu is Twice a day with warm water or Triphala Decoction or Triphala Tea

Medohar Guggulu is also available in Tablet form in the market. Each Tablet of Medohar Guggul contains about 500 mg of Medohar Guggul powder.

Medohar Guggulu works well for Diabetes, Knee Pain or osteoarthritis, Fatty Liver, and High cholesterol levels

For the effectiveness of Medohar Guggulu for your weight loss goals, ensure the following things:

  1. The minimum effective dosage of Medohar Guggul is 1 gram twice or thrice daily. If you have taken the dosage of less than 1 gram, then it may also be ineffective.
  2. Increase fiber in your diet. Eat a healthy wholesome nourishing plant-based diet. Checkout our Whole Grain Plant-Based Diet: A Beginner’s Guide
  3. Drink enough water throughout the day, preferably lukewarm water that helps you eliminating the toxins and prevent overeating. Drinking water can prevent dehydration, mood swings, constipation, kidney stones, and obesity. Moreover, water helps your body to keep a normal temperature. We all know drinking a good amount of water every day is very important. But still, we are not able to stick to a routine of drinking adequate water in a day. That being said, it’s very important to keep a personal bottle of water to build a habit of conscious drinking of adequate water throughout the day. Checkout our post on Adopt Healthy Habits in your Daily Lifestyle
  4. Get Active. With a sedentary lifestyle – you cannot expect a reduction in weight even if you are taking a little food while you are living a passive life. Checkout the 4 Effective HIIT Cardio Workout at Home
  5. Avoid indulging in junk foods, frozen foods, or stored/packed foods. These foods are the major hindrance to losing weight. Checkout 33 Foods That Are Super Healthy for Weight Loss Goals
  6. Nutrition is most important for your weight loss goal. Not taking a wholesome nutritious diet may hinder your results.

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