Dry Brushing Skin

We’ve all heard it a million times growing up—Go brush your teeth. But now how about Dry Brushing your Skin as a daily cleansing habit?

Well dry brushing perhaps is not a new idea at all, it originated in India thousands of years ago as part of Ayurveda’s cleansing philosophies. Ayurveda is the oldest healing science.

Let’s Understand the Science Behind Dry Brushing Skin

Skin is the largest organ of our body and it’s estimated that one-third of our body’s daily impurities are excreted through the skin. If our skin becomes inactive, its ability to remove excess toxins is impaired.This places extra stress on other organs and on our body in general.

As we age, our bodies become less effective in shedding outer layers of dead skin cells. This build-up of dead skin can result in a thick, dry and somewhat leathery look, which is often common with more mature skin. 

Our body breathes and absorbs essential nutrients through our skin, so to keep it clear of toxins it’s important to do regular dry brushing that helps keep the pores clear and the skin active to assist the body in this cleansing process and absorption of important nutrients.

Exfoliating this outer layer, with dry skin brushing techniques stimulates the sweat and oil glands, providing more moisture for the skin. It also helps keep skin young, fresh, vibrant and free of breakouts.

Not just limiting to stimulating our body from the outside in. It also works to cleanse the whole system and is an effective treatment for many ailments. With Dry skin brushing there is better blood circulation, healthier muscle tone and better distribution of fat deposits, also known to many as cellulite.

Dry Brushing Benefits

1. A Good Exfoliator

When we are young our skin automatically renews itself. However, as we get older, it is helpful to exfoliate once or twice a week to help renew the skin and remove those dead skin cells so that one can have a fresher appearance and healthier skin. Don’t over-exfoliate as this can dehydrate the skin or break down the skin’s protective layer or cause irritation to sensitive skin.

2. Dry Skin Brushing for Lymphatic Drainage

Skin is a natural detoxifier and it’s important to keep it healthy. To flush out toxins or dead skin cells, so that it’s able to eliminate waste from your body as efficiently as needed. Dry brushing your skin helps your lymphatic system, of removing toxins from the body and ultimately helps preventing from getting sick. Also helps in fighting off the inflammation built up in the body, that can cause the body go under stress and to work so hard to rid itself of them.

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3. Dry Brushing for Cellulite Reduction

We all hate cellulite, and it seems to be so hard to lose. Cellulite appearance on the legs, butt, stomach and back of the arms is often caused by fluid retention, lack of circulation, weak collagen structure and increased body fat in addition to hormonal imbalances, medical conditions, genetics, poor diet and toxicity.

Dry brushing may help stimulate the cells and break down toxins from beneath the skin, which may act as a natural remedy for cellulite.

4. Unclog Pores

Our pores can get clogged with dead skin cells, pollutants and cosmetics. This causes the liver and kidneys to work really hard to get rid of impurities. Dry skin brushing unclogs our skin’s pores and helps our skin absorb more nutrients, which promotes healthy skin and allows those toxins to be released a bit easier. 

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How to Do Dry Brushing

Dry Brushing Skin for Lymphatic Drainage

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