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10 Mindful Habits To Help You Lose Weight Consistently


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These 10 mindful habits with discipline efforts help you to lose weight and live a sustainable lifestyle with good health.

Weight loss is a process that needs mindfulness. Following fad diets blindly may help you lose those extra kilos or inches but that weight will recycle with many more challenges, once you are off that diet.

Mindful habits with discipline efforts help you with consistent weight loss and a sustainable lifestyle that takes you a long way in maintaining a healthy body weight and good health.

10 Mindful Habits To Help You Lose Weight

  1. Never skip meals. If you have a busy day munch on some nuts/peanuts or fruit.
  2. Manage your portion sizes. Don’t overindulge in any of the meals. Switch to smaller bowls and plates always with fresh, wholesome choices and not from packets.
  3. Plate your meals mindfully. Fill half of the plate with salad, one-fourth with protein, and another one-fourth with good carbs. To have satiety, initiate meals with more salads to fill yourself.
  4. Switch to healthier cooking methods. Plan your meals by the following methods: steaming, boiling, broiling, grilling, baking, and sauteing. Also, move to healthier cooking utensils like cast iron, iron, Kansa, brass, and steel. Discard aluminum and nonstick cookware. Also make food in oils like cow ghee, cold-pressed oil, coconut oil, groundnut oil, and olive oil.
  5. Become more intelligent with your ingredients. Replace mayonnaise dressing with vinegar, fresh orange juice, and olive oil dressing. Replace high-fat packaged spreads with hung curd or chickpea hummus with some fresh/ dried herbs and spices.
  6. Be mindful while eating. Never eat with distractions around like tv, mobile, or reading. Be present and enjoy what you are eating. Saves you from overeating and an unhealthy binge. Also with mindful eating habits, you chew your food properly and eat in peace which helps in nourishing you better.
  7. Switch to healthy snacking. No packaged snacks. Make things at home to be enjoyed as snacks. Some options could be fruit curd, lassi, fruit smoothie, makhana, peanuts, corn cob, grilled carrots, popcorns, roasted channa, nuts, grilled potatoes, sweet potato chaat, sweetcorn chaat, murmura chaat, bhel puri, halwa, khajoor, nimboo pani, shikanjawi, etc.
  8. Discard packaging food. Discard all ready-to-cook, frozen food, snacks, biscuits, and anything that comes from the packet. feed your cravings with home-cooked food even if that involves frying your famous traditional recipes.
  9. Socializing Mindfully. Eating out has become an unavoidable aspect of our lifestyle. But when you are out choose mindfully with the right skills learned above. Also, portion size is important. Always balance the rest of the meals with something wholesome. But never skip. For the rest of your meals, you can replace them with a bowl of fruits/salad and lighter alternatives. Also, plan more day-outs or early evenings for lavish meals.
  10. Drink in Moderation. If you like indulging in alcohol, keep it moderated. Skip the sugar syrups. Have it simple. Don’t indulge in way too many processed carbs with that. And throughout the day keep yourself well hydrated.
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