Gut Cleanse Detox
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Gut Cleanse Detox | Ayurvedic Cleansing(Panchakarma)

Healthy Gut Healthy You!
Gut Cleanse Detox is an Ayurveda protocol to cleanse your body from time to time to remove toxins and balance the five elements and three Dosha to restore the natural constitution of your body.

Snacking on Roasted Chana Benefits
Holistic Health

Snacking on Roasted Chana is a Healthy Habit

Snacking on Roasted Chana is one the healthy habits enriched with fiber and high plant based protein that keeps you full for longer. This low calorie healthy snack keeps you away from unhealthy binging and helps you with your weight loss goals.

Health with Whole Grain Bajra/ Pearl Millet
Weight Loss

Health with Whole Grain Bajra/ Pearl Millet | Holistic Food

Bajra, an oldest millet known for its very high fiber content. It is used as part of a daily diet in places like Rajasthan, Gujarat. Rich in protein, phytochemicals, it’s a gluten free grain rich in calcium and iron too. Good for your heart health and weight management.

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