Cortisol Levels and Weight Gain, Cortisol, Stress Hormone

Cortisol is your body’s main stress hormone. High cortisol levels may be associated with increased appetite and weight gain. To combat weight gain you need to keep a check on your cortisol levels and try effective methods that include exercising, practicing mindful eating, ensuring sufficient sleep, and practicing meditation to help reduce cortisol levels.

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5 Anti-Inflammatory Food to Fight Inflammation

5 Anti-Inflammatory Food that combats inflammation related diseases like heart strokes, obesity, cancer, diabetes, non-alcoholic fatty liver includes diet rich in plant based food and controlling of refined carbohydrates from the diet. Lets understand inflammation, dietary and lifestyle changes for a healthy body.

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High Carb Foods: How it Affects our Body

Overdo of high carb foods spikes up the blood sugar levels resulting in making more insulin in the body. This excessive insulin triggers your cells to save the extra glucose as fat. This deposit of extra fats can be unhealthy if you’re already carrying extra weight. These conditions lead to diabetes and other related health issues.

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