Almond Milk Health Benefits
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Almond Milk Health Benefits, Almond Milk Recipe

Almond Milk has many health benefits. Low in calories, dairy-free, and vegan and is a good substitute for lactose-intolerant people. This wonderful soothing nut milk contains a healthy dose of Vitamin D and E. Its cool, heavy sweetness creates a sensation of stability and calms the body while offering easily accessible energy. Aids in weight loss and helps in good digestion.

mango health benefits
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Mango Health Benefits, Green Mangoes Benefits (Dietary Advice)

Mango has many health benefits. It is high in fiber and is a great source of vitamins A and C. The top surprising benefits of mangoes include Immunity Booster, Supports Skin Health & Regeneration, Aids Digestion, Supports Healthy Blood Sugar Levels and May Help Reduce Kidney Stones.

Shilajit Benefits
Health Benefits

Shilajit Benefits: The Resin of Life in Ayurveda | (Health Benefits)

“Shilajit is one of the most impeccable tonifying and rejuvenating herbal remedies that possesses great curative powers and is considered capable of treating many diseases, particularly those of the aging process.

Black Raisins
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Black Raisins The Powerful Food, Gut Health

Black Raisins is the powerful food that you can make as a part of your lifestyle. It eliminates the impurities from the blood. A good source of an antioxidant and iron. Soaking it overnight and having it in morning helps in good bowel movement.

Poppy Seeds Benefits In Ayurveda
Health Benefits

Poppy Seeds Benefits and Khus Khus Culinary Uses

Poppy seeds have a cooling effect on the body. It used to be grandma’s home remedy to include khus khus ka sharbat to beat the heat.

Khus Khus has a high level of calcium, iodine, magnesium and copper that helps in maintaining a healthy nervous system.

Boost Your Metabolism
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Boost Your Metabolism with Ayurveda

Make Over Your Digestive Metabolism with Ayurveda wisdom. Simple tips and herbal support can boost your metabolism and thus improve your digestion and immune system and thus help in a healthy lifestyle.

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