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Sea Water is Therapeutic and Healing


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Sea Water provides a wonderful escape from stress, anxiety and negative thoughts. Have you ever wondered why we are often connected to the sea and there is a seemingly instant attraction to dive deep into water? Sea is a natural transducer of positive energy that entices us for that cheeky dip in salty waters. With surmountable effects on health and well-being, today we will learn how the sea water is Therapeutic and what are its health benefits.

Health Benefits Of Sea Water

Happy & Relaxed

Beaches Makes You Happy & Relaxed
Beaches Makes You Happy & Relaxed

Proximity to the ocean or sea water can have a positive impact on your health: the closer you are to the sea, the better you feel. An ocean breeze puts your mind at ease. Ocean air has negative ions that accelerate your ability to absorb oxygen, and balance your serotonin levels, a body chemical linked with mood and stress. Which is why you feel more alert, relaxed and energized. Plus whole day in sun and ocean swimming is a perfect way to workout your body and absorb the natural vitamin D booster. Nothing is more healing than to have sky above, sand below, peace within.

Skin Benefits with Sea Water

Seawater contains minerals such as magnesium, sodium, calcium, chloride and sulphate that works as natural skin rejuvenation. Magnesium helps moisturize the skin and reduce inflammation, making it look fresh and vibrant. Sea swim is good for people with skin problems like eczema or dryness. Due to high-magnesium content from sea water, this is broadly proven to improve skin condition and its overall hydration.

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Relieves psoriasis, eczema and acne. Also Cleanses, softens and detoxifies skin.

Ocean Therapy | Inspirational Documentary

Ocean Therapy


Swimming in the sea actively improves your health and wellness. Sea water is rich in magnesium, that helps to relieve stress, relax your muscles, promote deep sleep and spiritually cleanse your aura. The elements activate the body’s healing mechanisms and support healing for diseases, asthma, bronchitis, arthritis and also localized aches and pains.

Sea Water is great for Blood Circulation

Seawater is great for blood circulation in our bodies. Our exposure to sunlight, sea water nutrient mix and physical exertion is known to improve blood cycle and circulation by restoring essential micro-elements within our bodies that are depleted by poor diets, stress or induced by environmental pollution.

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Immune System

Ocean waters contain an endless supply of minerals, vitamins, amino acids, trace elements and micro-organisms which have antibacterial effects and can even work as natural antibiotics. These components are absorbed by the skin whenever you swim or simply by inhaling a sea mist your lungs can benefit as it also contains negative charged hydrogen ions that enhance our overall health and bodies cells.

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Allergies and Sinus Issues

Swimming in the ocean has a saline effect on the sinuses, meaning it helps to flush out the nasal cavities and reduce inflammation. Sea water is extremely cleansing and doesn’t irritate airways.

Meditative & Relaxing

Ocean swimming, beach side walks, beach yoga, exercising has shown to have huge benefits for mental health. These beach side activities shown to decrease symptoms of depression and anxiety.

Natural Hydrotherapy or Cryotherapy

Ocean water provides cold water therapy. Being in cold water helps your body to repair itself, and it does so with the help of blood vessels circulating oxygen to the muscles, while reducing swelling in the body. Because of the increased blood circulating, the cold ocean improves immunity and muscle recovery.

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Other Benefits of Sea Water

  • Start your day with a beach side yoga and meditation.
  • Heal yourself with early sunrise
  • Take a seaside walk to freshen your lungs
  • Drink fresh Juices and coconut water to start your day at a beach side.
  • Stay hydrated by dipping in sea and drinking lots of fluids
  • Fresh Sea Water Food by the Beach-side
  • Ayurvedic Massages to heal and relax throughout the day

Wellness Joy advocates the age-old wisdom of being near the seaside is good for your health and well being. Now you know the benefits of the sea from a whole different perspective. Next time when you planning a vacation think not just adventure but a holistic experience of the magical sea healing.

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