Mindful Living Rules for Over 40

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Mindful Living Rules for Over 40


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To be in your best spirits it’s time to adopt some mindful daily habits. 17 Mindful Living Rules for over 40 for better life and well-being.

When turning 40, women go through a natural biological process called perimenopause. The female body has numerous physical changes due to hormone level fluctuation. These hormonal changes affect everything from mood to sex drive. Your body just wants to be fat and happy. Your period cycle starts to have a change in flow from month to month — heavy to light — as well as more cramping and mood swings. You tend to lose muscle, so more of a sagging belly and breasts.

But in spite of your hair grays or thins, your paunch fails to shrink after a few weeks of dietary austerity, and you wake up feeling creaky. You still have plenty of life to look forward to, the fact is that a lot of big life decisions are already behind you. It’s highly likely that, in your fifth decade, you already have a great career, and a partner and have decided whether to start a family. You’re in the groove.

Now’s the time to take your past and use it to fuel the successes of all the life yet to come.

To be in your best spirits it’s time to adopt some mindful daily habits. From focusing on what you’re eating to moving your body as much as possible throughout the day, there are plenty of ways you can feel and look your best over 40—and it won’t even take you much effort to change your ways for the better. And for more ways to get your mind and body in shape, memorize the 17 Mindful Living Rules You Should Live By.

 17 Mindful Living Rules
17 Mindful Living Rules

17 Mindful Living Rules for Over 40

  1. Make Sleep your Priority: In this modern era of too many distractions, it’s hard heading to bed early—but it’s essential for your body. Make it a habit to go to sleep at the same time every night and you’ll be feeling better than ever: Following a circadian cycle of sleep will help prevent everything from low energy, drowsiness, and irritability to changes in your personality. Yeah, sleep is serious business. Find out about Mental Well-being Circadian Way
  2. Seize the Day Early: Try to inculcate the habit of being an early riser. Use this time for yourself. Have an hour of silence with yourself, introspecting on yourself, planning your day ahead, and practicing your daily affirmations for a happy and healthy mind.
  3. Get Discipline with your Supplements: Vitamins are essential for you at this age to keep you working at your optimum level and to keep your mood happy. Disciplining yourself will protect your body with minimal effort. Find out the Best Vitamins To Take Daily
  4. Always Indulge in Wholesome Breakfast: Skipping breakfast is a big no. Eating a healthy wholesome breakfast is very important for your well-being, keeping control of your cravings throughout the day, helping with weight loss, or simply boosting your mood and energy levels.
  5. Make Exercise your No Skip Routine: Working out is good for your body—and there are many reasons you should make it a daily habit. Aside from helping you stay in shape, it can also help you feel younger. Keeps your muscle toned and saves you from lifestyle issues like thyroid, obesity, diabetes, or blood pressure. Explore new trend of Snackable Workouts.
  6. Spice up your Bedroom Life: Good sex keeps you young and makes you feel good. With a good endorphins boost, you’ll have a natural way to bust stress and anxiety and help you sleep like a baby all night long. And for ways to truly spice up your life, consider buying these items.
  7. Do Away with Wrong Habits: It’s time to be mindful and do away with unhealthy habits. Get rid of plastics from your kitchen, minimize packaged food and move to fresh and healthy wholesome foods, moderate your alcohol consumption, stop eating processed food in your daily meals, and reduce your sugar.  You’ll feel more energized, lively, and youthful.
  8. Get into a Gratitude Journal: This might seem like a pointless habit—you probably already know what you’re grateful for, after all—but there’s something special about writing it down. Every night before you go to bed, grab your gratitude journal and jot down three things you’re thankful for—and you’ll go to sleep feeling very loved and at ease. Trust us: Being thankful will change your life.
  9. Become More of an Outdoor Person: Find reasons to be out in the open air. Go for walks, be in sun. Enjoy sitting on the balcony. Go for your grocery shopping. Meet friends.
  10. Pursue a Hobby: It’s nice to devote some time each day to yourself. Whether that’s doing some painting or knitting or maybe reading or doing a crossword, the choice is yours: Just focus on whatever makes you happy and helps your de-stress.
  11. Build a Habit of Conscious Drinking of Adequate Water Throughout the Day: Adopting new, healthier habits every day may protect you from serious health problems. Getting enough water every day is important for your health. Drinking water can prevent dehydration, mood swings, constipation, kidney stones, and obesity. 
  12. Call Someone You Love: Be honest—how many times a week do you actually call your mom? Whether it’s while you’re walking to work or when lounging at home at night, make it a habit to text or call your family to ask them how they’re doing—and let them know you care. The happiness that comes from connecting is a great mental health boost for both parties.
  13. Choose a Flexitarian Diet as a Sustainable Choice for Healthy Eating: On this wellness journey, your choices shape your path to your wellness goals. The choices you make in your food selection will define your physical health, emotional health, sleeping patterns, energy levels, and general health. To be sustainable in your eating patterns you need to choose a balanced diet with food choices that you love on your plate. Learn more about Flexitarian Diet for Sustainable Lifestyle
  14. Dress to Impress Yourself: Instead of slipping on your go-to outfits every day, take a little extra time to make sure you’re wearing something you love and feel confident in. Because when you make it a habit to look your best, you will notice you’ll feel amazing in the process.
  15. Smile for No Reason: Smile is a powerful tool to attract people around you. Turn your frown upside down and get in the habit of smiling. This is not only a major mood booster, but it’s also a great anti-ager. A happy face keeps you positive and creates a positive vibe around you.
  16. Stay Active Throughout the Day: It’s probably hard to find a moment to get away from your desk but making mini breaks throughout the day a habit is a must for your well-being. Having time to stretch and walk around will get your blood flowing, giving you some energy and even a boost of creativity—and that’s not just great for your body, but also for your work.
  17. Learn Something New: Learning something new in later life, improves memory. With aging, this is a completely normal phenomenon, that proteins and hormones that repair memory cells all start to decline with age. Doing this breaks the pattern of monotony and gives our brains something to think about other than our daily worries. 

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