Learn to Accept and Value Yourself. You are worthy of love.

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Learn to Accept and Value Yourself!


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Learning to truly care about yourself and honoring your well-being is necessary for living up to your potential. 

Learn to Accept and Value Yourself!

Learn to Accept and Value Yourself!
Learn to Accept and Value Yourself!

Your feelings about yourself is directly related to how you treat yourself. People don’t realize that their self-worth is a major factor in whether or not they do what’s necessary to improve their life. Many people WANT to be healthy, wealthy, and happy, BUT they don’t believe they actually deserve it!

Here are the ways to help you cultivate self love and self care for your well-being:

Don’t compare yourself with others.

Everyone is born different and with innate qualities which makes them their true self. You are unique and create your unique story to define your journey.

Don’t worry about being accepted by others.

We are conditioned from childhood to ask for validation for our actions. To seek permission and do what others expect us to do. But we all are born with our intelligence. This step can be difficult after all this conditioning but learning the art to be yourself and choose your actions based on your intelligence will truly liberate you. 

Being free to express your needs and desires is a powerful step toward self-love. If something is meaningful to you, don’t ask for validation, stand for your conviction. At the most you may turn wrong for your standpoint but at least you deserve to stand for what you believe in.

Recognize your intrinsic self-worth as a human being.

Your existence proves your worth. Do some soul searching. Go inside and understand who you are. No matter what others think about you, what mistakes you have made, where you’re from, or what you do, you are still a worthy person. 

Realise the intrinsic qualities of yours and learn from the mistakes. All mistakes are either great experiences or are stepping stones to a new better path ahead. 

Do the best with what you have, regardless of circumstances.

To get to where we want to be, we have to start from where we are. When we can accept our current reality and own it, we can then look for solutions and co-create our life. It takes patience and resourcefulness to take what we have and create the life we desire, but when we are accountable and recognize we are a co-creator of our life, we no longer feel helpless and hopeless.

There is nothing wrong or right.

We get stuck in life between wrong and right. There is nothing wrong or right. It’s just about choices and every choice bears a consequence. As long as we are aware of the choices we make and are ready to take the responsibility of the consequence, we are on the right path.

Don’t suppress your feelings. Understand your emotions, contemplate how much these emotions are limiting or liberating you as a person. If you feel you have reasons to choose certain things which might be wrong for others. Validate your emotions yourself and make a choice and accept what all comes with that. 

Focus on serving and helping others.

When we give of ourselves to others it is an amazing feeling. When we decide to focus on serving others, we begin to think positively and feel good about ourselves.

Find Your Purpose

You are alive for a reason. Having a life purpose is invigorating and inspiring. When we have a strong foundation to carry us through life we are able to push past obstacles. Purpose with significance lays the foundation for self-worth as it gives us a reason for living. It provides the fuel that burns our inner-fire and keeps us enthusiastic and hopeful.

Letting Go of What You can’t Control

You don’t have to please everyone. You are not responsible for people’s unhappiness. Be true to your purpose and act wisely. Don’t try to control others actions because that would just lead to dissatisfaction. Take charge of yourself and be responsible for your acts and intentions. Focus more of your time and energy on living in a way that reflects your true values instead of trying to change others perceptions.

Make Space to Unleash

You may be that compassionate one who lives for others, takes one’s responsibility to manage the harmony in family. But still you need to find time for yourself. You need to unleash your inner spirit to feel the joy of life. You need to do things that make you happy.

When you give that time to yourself, you will feel more energized and revived to bounce back with more love and sincerity towards people in your life.

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