Muskmelon or Kharbooza the most Loved Summer Fruits of India

Muskmelon or Kharbooza
Muskmelon or Kharbooza

Like other melons, muskmelon is also known for its high water content. Which means that it will help you in preventing dehydration, but being packed with water content doesn’t imply that they’re short on other nutritional benefits. It is also a great choice for the weight watchers. This is because calorie wise it is less in numbers and comprises of more nutrition. And don’t worry about the taste, for these are also aromatic and delicious unlike other healthier foods. Having said that, muskmelon seeds too have health benefits if consumed in the right way.

So, here is a list of reasons why muskmelon is healthy for you. But before we talk about it in detail, check out the nutritional value of muskmelon.

Incredible Health Benefits of Muskmelon

1. Manages Hypertension- Being rich in potassium, the fruit helps in regulating blood pressure.

2. Improves your vision- Muskmelons contain high dosage of vitamin A which actually strengthens the eye muscles and protects it from future problems.

3. Helps in losing weight- Muskmelons have negligible fat content and good percentage of potassium which helps in maintaining weight.

4. Helps in controlling diabetes- Due to the fiber content and negligible fat, this wonder fruit also controls blood sugar levels very effectively.

5. Acts as an immunity booster- Vitamin C in muskmelon strengthens immunity. They stimulate the production of white blood cells that help fight infections.

6. Wow, it’s also cholesterol free-
These are absolutely cholesterol free, which means that you don’t need to worry about cholesterol when munching a muskmelon.

7. Soothes Stomach ulcers-
The high quantity of vitamin C in melons helps in curing ulcer problems.8. Reduces Constipation- Muskmelon is a concoction of water and fiber, which is a great natural healer for people who get constipated frequently.Implement these home remedies for constipation.

9. Inhibit Kidney stones- Extract of muskmelon-Oxykine has proven qualities of curing kidney problems.

10. Helpful for pregnant mothers- High folate content in muskmelon removes excess sodium and reduces water retention problems in pregnant mothers.

11. Suppresses Sleeping Disorder-
Muskmelons relaxes the nerves and muscles of brain which suppresses sleeping disorders like insomnia.

12. Reduces menstrual cramps- Research says that vitamin C present in muskmelon helps to regulate menstrual flow thus relieving women of menstrual cramps. So, have this fruit at least first 2 days of your period time.

13. Suppresses Cancer symptoms- Vitamin C in it eliminates free radicals and prevents cancer.

14. It’s a stress reliever pill- Eating muskmelon increases flow of oxygen to the brain, which eventually makes our brain calm and stress free.

15.Makes your skin better- Muskmelons have anti-ageing property which makes skin glow and become acne free.

16. Soothes your toothache- The skin of the fruit contain certain extracts which when boiled in water, helps in curing toothache. You just have to rinse your month with this concoction once in a day.

17. Fixes acidity problems-
Muskmelons have neutral pH that is beneficial for people who suffer from acid reflux issues.

18. Relieves cough and congestion- Muskmelon seeds flush out excess of phlegm from the system and provides relief from coughing.

19. Make hair and nails strong-
Vitamin B content and adequate amount of protein in muskmelon strengthens your hair and nails.

20. Protects your heart-
Muskmelon do have anticoagulant properties because of the presence of adenosine in it. Adenosine thins blood which further prevents blood clot creation and protects you from heart related problems.

Best way to include muskmelons in your daily routine!

1. Sorbet (fruit ice-cream) – This is really easy to prepare. Churn few slices of it in a mixer. Squeeze lemon from top and store it in a freezer for an hour. One of the healthiest ice cream is now ready to eat! Recipe

2. Refreshing salad – Mix together all the seasonal fruits including muskmelon and reap the health benefits out of these. Recipe:

3. Fruit smoothie – Add few slices of muskmelon in your breakfast smoothie. Combine with yogurt and other fruits to get more benefit from it. Recipe:

4. Muskmelon seeds- You can dry the seeds and use it in salads or curd to reap all its health benefits.

From the above-mentioned points, we can clearly see that muskmelon has numerous benefits. So, what are you waiting for? Start including this wonder fruit in your meals to get that healthy body that you have been dreaming of!

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