Amla Murabba Health Benefits

Amla Murabba
Amla Murabba

Amla murabba may be taken every morning as a tonic. Amla is a very rich source of Vitamin C. According to Ayurvedic Medicines, 100g of amla juice contains as much vitamin C as two fresh oranges. A murabba made from amla is traditionally used as a general health tonic to sharpen the mind and relieve fatigue. Being a rich source of Vitamin C and containing antioxidant property, Amla Murabba improves and reinforces the immune system.

Amla is one of the natural richest source of vitamin C. Along with it, Amla also contains minerals, polyphenols, iron, protein, carbohydrate, and fiber. It is cool in potency and cures burning sensation, hyperacidity and pitta related digestive problems. There are several health benefits of eating amla murabba.

Here are some health benefits of Amla Murabba –

  1. Digestive Benefits
    Being high in fiber, doctors recommend Amla Murabba for digestive and gastric problems including gastritis. It is used as a remedy for constipation when mixed with sugar and honey.
  2. Good Source of Minerals
    Amla is rich in minerals such as chromium, zinc, copper, iron and others. Ayurvedic experts consider these minerals important for boosting immunity in the body.
  3. Constipation
    Apart from being delicious, Amla Murabba helps to bring relief from constipation and chronic constipation, provided it is taken after a glass full of milk.
  4. Keeps a Check on High Cholesterol Level
    Amla Murabba contains high measures of chromium, zinc and copper that are vital for the body. Chromium particularly has the ability to maintain cholesterol level of blood and bring down the danger of heart ailments.
  5. Immunity
    Being a rich source of Vitamin C and containing antioxidant property, Amla Murabba improves and reinforces the immune system. It is a safe and natural remedy for recurring infections like cold, fever and so forth.
  6. Menstrual Cramps
    Amla Murabba diminishes menstrual cramps and if taken for three months in succession, it can almost diminish menstrual cramps in the future.
  7. Good for Anemic Individuals
    Amla Murabba is beneficial for individuals suffering from anemia as it is a rich source of iron and has the ability to up hemoglobin level in our body.
  8. Good for liver health.
    It protects the liver from liver toxin.

How to eat Amla Murabba

Amla murabba is tonic for brain, heart, liver, digestive and reproductive system. Amla murabba can be taken in dose of 15-20 grams (1-2 pieces).

What is the best time to eat amla ka murabba?

You can eat it daily before breakfast with a glass of milk or two times a day after meals.

Caution & Side Effects

Amla murabba is a rich source of Vitamin C and consuming an overdose of Vitamin C can cause serious ailments like diarrhea, formation of kidney stones and a burning sensation while passing the urine. Most common side effects of amla murabba are pale stools, back pain and high blood pressure.

So its advisable to be taken in dose of 15-20 grams (1-2 pieces).
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