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Foxtail Millet Pranic Food Yogic Lifestyle

Foxtail Millet, Pranic Food

Foxtail Millet is a Pranic Food and is part of Yogic Lifestyle. An ancient grain, easy to digest, rich in protein and fiber supports good digestion and heart health and aids weight loss.

Foxtail Millets or Kangni, Pranic Food
Foxtail Millets or Kangni. A store house of calcium, B12 & fiber @hapurorganicfarm

Millet Is Good For Health

Millet is considered an ancient grain which means the seeds have been around for millennia and are free of hybridization and genetic manipulation. That’s important because many people find they can digest ancient grains better than they do modern grains.

Wheat and rice may be amongst the most popular grains, but millets such as sorghum (jowar), pearl millet (bajra), foxtail millet (kangni), finger millet (ragi), Barnyard millet, Kodo millet, Little Millet, Proso Millet are amongst the healthiest millet grains available.

Millet is anytime a Healthier Choice as it is rich in protein and fiber, which is much more as compared to rice. A healthy lifestyle is possible if you could opt for unpolished millets. This is because the unprocessed ones are packed with the goodness of minerals and vitamins.

So if you are health conscious and are wary about what you eat, include millets as a part of your daily regular diet. Millets are nutritious, non-glutinous (non-sticky), and are not acid-forming foods, thus making them very easy to digest.

Foxtail Millet, Pranic Food, Supports Yogic Lifestyle

Foxtail Millet is a superfood and is a Positive Pranic Food for Health and Vitality as per Ayurveda. This ancient millet is rich in Vitamin B12 which is essential for maintaining a healthy heart, smooth functioning of the nervous system, and in general good for skin and hair growth. 

A diet including Foxtail Millet may improve glycemic control and reduce insulin, cholesterol, and fasting glucose in Type-2 diabetes patients.

Foxtail Millet in India

In India, it is grown mainly in Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Telangana, Rajasthan, Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, and to a small extent in the northeast states of India.

Indian name of fox millet is Kangni / Kakum

Reference: Origin and Domestication of Foxtail Millet

Foxtail Millet Recipes

Foxtail Millet Pranic Food: Power packed nutrient rich millets Dosa ! No fermentation needed.
Green moong palak millet dosa.
Power packed nutrient rich millets Dosa ! No fermentation needed.
Green moong palak millet dosa.

You can include foxtail millet in your daily diet to make idli, dosa, khichdi, Pongal, lemon millet, and curd millet. A lot of people use this like any other grain like rice or quinoa. It can be served with any curry. Foxtail millets are eaten in the ground and whole-grain form.

Foxtail millet is rich in dietary fiber, protein, healthy micros (vitamin and minerals), and low in fat. Studies show that people who consume foxtail millet in their diet have a lower probability of suffering from diabetes.

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Health Benefits of Foxtail Millet

  • Stronger Bones
  • Strengthens Nervous System
  • Boosts Cardiac Health
  • Manages Diabetes
  • Lowers Bad Cholesterol
  • Triggers Weight Loss
  • Promotes Digestion
  • Builds Immunity

Eating Sprouted Foxtail Millet– helps fight diseases such as osteoporosis and could reduce the risk of fracture. 

Weight loss with Foxtail Millets– Foxtail millet is a complex carbohydrate, low in calories, and gluten-free. It is extremely rich in magnesium, fiber, bioactive compounds, and other important minerals and vitamins. 

This millet can be a vital part of a well-balanced diet and moderate consumption of this whole grain is linked with effective weight loss. It boosts the metabolism of the body and increases the blood sugar levels of the body at a slow pace, which makes it ideal for those with diabetes. 

Other benefits of having foxtail millet regularly include low cholesterol levels, good digestion, and good heart health.

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