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Ayurvedic Colon Cleanse

Home Remedies for Colon Cleansing
Home Remedies for Colon Cleansing

Digestive tract is the epicenter of your health.
Your gut is the main spot where nutrition and detoxification occurs as it feeds the trillions of cells in your body and helps get rid of poisons that build up. In digestive tract critical nutrients are absorbed and many toxic compounds are safely excreted from your body.

Constipation and inflammation are two ways in which your digestive tract becomes sluggish and fails to do its job. Inflammation in your intestines interferes with proper nutrient absorption and causes a variety of digestive symptoms and constipation keeps those toxins in your digestive tract.

Eliminating waste and toxins is an important process your body must undergo to improve your ability to digest food, absorb nutrients and reduce the chances of suffering these digestive issues. So you need ways to do your colon cleansing.
Luckily, there are herbs and natural ayurvedic remedies to bring you relief, help detoxify, soothe your gut, and solve constipation.

5 Herbs to Naturally Detox and Do Colon Cleansing

    Psyllium is used as a non-digestive fiber supplement and food thickener. Psyllium can give an extra boost of laxation – increasing the number of bowel movements from 2.9 per week to 3.8. Psyllium does this by stimulated movement in the gut (by interacting with the gut’s nervous system)
    Flax offers hardy fiber and speeds up bowel movements. Flaxseed significantly increases stool frequency.
    Aloe vera soothes the intestinal tract and improves the health of your digestive tissues by fighting damaging oxidative stress and inflammation. Aloe vera also promotes the growth of beneficial bacteria in the gut, which improves gut health in a myriad of ways.
    The liver is an important part of your digestive tract because it produces bile that helps digest fats and also cleanses toxic compounds so that they can be excreted from your body.
    Licorice root has been shown in numerous studies to improve and protect liver function.
    Licorice can activate phase II detoxification enzymes, which cleanse the liver and prepare toxins to be eliminated through the digestive tract.
    Soaked basil seeds help to cleanse the inner stomach. It ensures easy bowel movement and helps to flush out toxins from stomach. Basil’s active ingredients are terpenoids. It is also wonderful for digestion and detoxification. Basil supports the kidney’s functions, and also acts as a diuretic to help the body expel unwanted toxins. Basil has been known to have anti-ulcer qualities, as well as antimicrobial effects that guard against bacteria, yeast, fungi and mold.

Natural Ways for Colon Cleansing

You can do Basti Treatment, Enemas or Colon Hydrotherapy also to clean your gut. But should not overindulge. Excess enemas and colon cleansing are not recommended in Ayurveda, as they can deregulate the intestines. Generally, only smaller amounts of liquid are used in therapeutic enemas, often with special recipes of herbal tea and oils. Colonics are best to avoid, as they can remove the natural flora and cause more elimination difficulties.

Ayurvedic Colon Cleanse

Triphala- Scrub the Intestinal Tract
The best way to cleanse the intestinal tract is to use Triphala on a regular basis. Take one teaspoon of triphala powder, add it to one cup of warm water and drink every evening at bedtime. The taste is very strong, but isn’t hard to get used to if taken regularly. If the taste is hard to tolerate, a mix of half water and half apple juice works well to mask the taste.

Another technique to consume Triphala:
Soak one teaspoon of Triphala in a cup of water in the morning.
Cover and allow to sit for the entire day.
At night, sip off the liquid in the cup, leaving the residue at the bottom.
Add water to the triphala sediment, stir, put a lid on, and drink in the morning.
Repeat for the nightly dosage.
If the bowels are sluggish, or there is constipation, the dose can be increased according to need. Unlike some other laxatives, Triphala is neither addictive nor harmful.

Benefits of Triphala:
  • Increases peristalsis
  • Aids in absorption of nutrients
    into the bloodstream
  • Gently removes any accumulated toxic material from the gastrointestinal tract gradually
The three fruits in Triphala are botanically related wild fruits, each of which balances one of the three doshas, so it is truly a balanced formula that benefits everyone.

Drink Warm Water
Another Ayurvedic colon cleanse helpful habit is to drink a large glass or mug of warm boiled water. Drink the water early in the morning before breakfast, and after cleaning the tongue. A squeeze of lemon or lime juice, a spoon of raw sugar or honey and a pinch of Trikatu, or powdered ginger and black pepper, can be added for a balanced cleansing drink.
Consuming water first thing helps add needed liquid to the digestive system after a night time fast. This act prepares the stomach for food, and helps detoxify the system. The warm water (with your chosen add-ins) is also an excellent mild fasting drink for a one day or more fast. It is most beneficial with warm water, or at least room temperature, as cold drinks are not healthful, especially for detoxifying.

Drink Juice with Psyllum Husk
Drink a large glass of diluted juice and one tablespoon of psyllium husks mixed well. The psyllium husks add needed fiber and not only act like a “broom” to cleanse the intestines, but also absorb toxic gases and by-products. For a special cleanse, psyllium can be taken up to two or three times a day for three days.
Important for Cleansing
During the cleanse, eat very light foods, especially avoiding cheese and other heavy milk products (a cup of hot milk is fine), refined sugar, heavy desserts or other rich foods like pizza. Nut butters are binding so it is better to avoid them during a colon cleanse.
Simple easy to digest foods like basmati rice, millet, steamed vegetables and fruits are best. Soups, kitchari or mung dahl, salads, and sprouts are good to add as well. Soaked dried fruits are helpful. Make sure you get enough liquids, as the intestines need plenty of liquid to be able to function properly.
Exercising is Important for Cleansing
Another very helpful habit during a cleanse is to get regular exercise, as this helps the functioning of the digestive organs. Swimming, brisk walking and Hatha yoga are all great options. Yoga offers many asanas that particularly benefit the abdominal organs.

It is very beneficial to practice Malasana or a squatting position on the floor to help the intestines ‘get ready’ to cleanse themselves.

Fiber is Important
Often people can experience sluggish elimination if they do not have enough fiber in their diet, or are lacking natural oils. Adding bran to cereals can help, as well as making sure there are natural oils such as ghee added to foods. Cold foods slow down the entire digestive process, including elimination. Adding digestive spices like ginger, cinnamon, cardamom, ghee and fennel can help warm up the intestinal tract.


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