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Stress Management: Balance Your Mind and Body


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Stress Management & Understanding Stress

Stress is your body’s response to avoid danger or some unknown fear. It generally occurs when there is some challenge or demand which is not in your scope of experience. Stress in a way is a positive response mechanism to make our mind and body active to fight this occurrence of danger. 

Untamed stress can cause some chemical reactions in the body that leads to raised blood pressure, heart rate, and blood sugar levels. This may trigger different responses like anger, irritation, anxiety attacks, depression.

Be Mindful Worry Lesss
Be Mindful Worry Lesss

Stress Management to Achieve Balance & Mindfulness

Self awareness of this stress response, can make you more mindful to manage it better. Next time when you are in any event or thought that triggers frustration, anger, or anxiety..

Try to create a sense of stillness, and peace in you to observe this flux of emotions you are going through.

Just practice being in control of your situation by letting all negative thoughts pass through you. Be present in the moment with all what you are feeling and accept it as it is. You will soon find some control on that impulse and you will soon find a meaning and purpose in the situation you are in. This will help you gain perspective.

It’s very important to regain your balance by relaxing your mind to the triggered event or thought. 

Some Simple Techniques to Manage Stress

These are simple stress management methods that can help you with Mindfulness and Relaxation to fight or flight stress response.

Try prayer, or guided meditation to help focus your thoughts.

This guided meditation will help you release your stress, irritation, hyperness and overthinking.

Practice relaxation techniques like Brain Wave Therapy Music to find peace of mind.

This Brain Wave Therapy Music is smooth, deep and nerve regenerative. Listening to this helps in brain calming. Just let go all your negativity and anxiety.

You can do running, yoga, tai chi, and qigong

All these physical activities helps to bump up the production of your brain’s feel-good neurotransmitters, called endorphins.

Stress Management Technique- Running
Running Stimulates Happy Hormones

Go for a good run to clear your mind of clutter. You will see with running your happy hormones will raise your energy levels and will give you a new perspective to face your challenges.

Get yourself involved in something that can distract you from the existing anxiety and can help you relax your mind.

Stress Management Listening to your favorite Music.
Listen to your favorite Music

Listen to your favorite music that will help your brain to release dopamine, a feel-good chemical. You may watch movie, cook something for yourself, go out with friends, do sex or anything that makes you happy.

Do a self talk to organise your thoughts.

Positive selftalk helps can help you turn your negative mind into positive thoughts. This daily practice can help you keep calm, mindful and stress free.

The Secret to Happiness: Self Love
The Secret to Happiness: Self Love

Take a cold shower therapy

An ancient Ayurvedic remedy that improves blood circulation and stimulates a healing response in the body to lower levels of anxiety and depression.

Learn More About Cold Shower Benefits for Your Health

Cold Shower Therapy
Cold Shower Therapy

Indulge in Incense & Aroma to have a calming effect.

The fragrances that are pure and clean makes the mind free of stress and helps you calm your mind.

Beautiful pack of aroma incense sticks to fill the air with these divine fragrances.

Stress Management: Balance Your Mind and Body
Learn simple relaxation techniques to activate relaxation response in body & mindfulness to fight or flight stress response.

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