Experiencing Morning Anxiety

Experiencing Morning Anxiety Is More Common Than You Think. 

Waking up stressed or tense once in a while probably isn’t cause for concern. “Having anxiety is a normal experience everyone has from time to time”. Morning anxiety is your state of mind thats reflects your sleeping patterns and stress levels that you carried with you while sleeping last night. Due to this your mind is racing through the endless thoughts, which makes you fatigued at the early start of the day. In this awful situation, you experience mood swings and your mind is not in your control. This situtation tends to lead you to pick unnecessary fights with your family members leaving you more miserable for the day.

Morning anxiety isn’t necessarily a sign of an anxiety disorder. Simple habit shifts can often be enough to help you feel more relaxed and calm in the a.m.

Morning Anxiety Cycle
Morning Anxiety Cycle

Why You’re Experiencing Morning Anxiety

You’re experiencing anxiety in the morning because of your body’s natural rise in the stress hormone cortisol that you produce when you sleep. This cortisol spike is likely if you spent the night before stressing about something.​ Also the next morning the lack of activity can actually create more space for anxious thoughts to bubble up.

You can counter these feelings by getting up from the bed and getting busy with some home tasks that eventually will fade away this stressful feeling.

When the day has begun, it’s important to get out of your bed than just lying in there with those thoughts. Distraction can cause a disconnect from how you’re feeling and you can easily shift your mind to better things.

Break Free from Morning Anxiety
Break Free from Anxiety

Ideally, you should never stress before sleeping. Practice yog nidra meditation before sleeping and on waking up do some gentle yoga flow to boost your energy levels.

What Happens When You Don’t Sleep? (Simple Tips)

Simple Tips for Better Calm Morning

  1. Swap Coffee For Lukewarm Water
  2. As Soon As You Wake Up Step Out Of Bed And Go Out In The Open To Have Some Fresh Air.
  3. Do A Gentle Walk For 10min Or Do Yoga Flow
  4. Eat A Healthy Nourishing Breakfast Including Fresh Fruits
  5. Take A Cold Shower To Help Your Body Relax.
  6. Make a To-Do List. This helps to control your mind that is racing with the million things you need to make happen before the end of the day. Moroever this helps you prioritize and organize your day and gives clarity to your wandering thoughts.
  7. Practiced deep breathing exercises regularly — for a few minutes each morning.
Gentle Morning Yoga to Combat Morning Anxiety

“Our Emotions Are Messengers Of Our Brain, And They Give Us Information.” We Just Need To Learn How To Process Our Thoughts And Make It Positive For Our Well-Being!

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You may check this interesting medical research by National library of Medicine> Quality of sleep and anxiety are related to circadian preference

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