Intuitive Eating

Intuitive eating works on the principle of listening to your instinct about your healthy approach to food intake. We all are born to eat intuitively, but somehow this natural way to enjoy food got lost in all the rules and restrictions surrounding the diet industry. The great news is that getting back to intuitive eating is possible for everyone. Understanding the philosophy of intuitive eating will be the first step to eating this way.

Here are a few principles of Intuitive Eating :

  • Reject the fad diet and adopt a holistic approach. Get rid of all the stupid apps and weight loss diet pins and posts that promise you that you will lose 10kgs in two weeks and keep it off. Be pissed off at all of the lies that have told you that you are a failure because you dieted and it didn’t work, or you have just gained all of the weight back.
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  • Honour your hunger. Biologically your body requires energy, and that energy comes through the food you fuel it with. If you don’t keep your body fueled you can cause an instinctual reaction to overeat what is in front of you when it is available. The moment your body reached a point of being overly hungry, all ability to eat moderately and consciously go out of the window. So nourish yourself on healthy balanced meals with more plant based food.
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  • Make peace with food – Stop fighting food, it isn’t the enemy. Stop eating food as carb, protein and fats. Eat food as a wholesome meal to give you satisfaction, nourishment and happiness once you consume that. If there is an urge for a certain type of food and you are resisting it because you are told not to have, best is to eat it once and let go of that compulsion so that after giving into that impulse you will have more mindfulness towards healthy patterns for the rest of the week. 
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  • Challenge the food police. These police are often the voices in your head that tell you that you’re “good” for eating so many calories in a day or “bad” because you ate your forbidden food. These thoughts monitor the unreasonable and unrealistic rules that diet culture has created.
  • Respect your fullness. Be aware of and listen for the cues that your body will give you when it is no longer hungry. Recognise the signs that your body gives when you’re satisfied. Take some time while you are eating a meal and indulge yourself in the sensation of taste.
  • Discover satisfaction factor – When you are free to eat what you want, in a healthy environment free of shame and guilt, the experience itself can be a huge factor in feeling satisfied and content with food. Experiencing food in this way takes much less food to decide that you are content and satisfied.
  • Respect your body. Accept the fact that you have a genetic build up that might just not be able to look super thin and fit or whatever your ideal body image is. Your body has a natural and comfortable weight that it can easily maintain. It is uncomfortable and takes an unbelievable amount of work to force your body to be smaller than it was created to be.
  • Exercise. Feel the difference. Get rid of the crazy exercise plans that have you kicking your butt every day, every week. Just get active in fun and exciting ways, and feel the difference that it makes in your body. Shift your mindset to how exercise makes your body feel.
  • Honor your health. Making food choices that honour your body, taste buds, and health will overall affect how you feel, about your body and about food. Consistency is the biggest factor in your diet.

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