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Holistic Food Cucumber | Health Benefits | Probiotic | Natural Skin Hydrator


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Holistic Food Cucumber is low in calories and high in vitamins and minerals. Promotes hydration, contains antioxidants, flushes out toxins, and promotes regular bowel movements.

Cucumber makes up for a powerful detox drink. You have all the reasons to make a cucumber detox water to flush out toxins and to lose weight.

Health Benefits of Holistic Food Cucumber

  1. Prevent #Constipation & Kidney #Stones. 
  2. Control Blood Pressure
  3. Manage #Diabetes
  4. Promotes #Hydration
  5. Aid in #WeightLoss
  6. Help in Joint Pain
  7. Reduces Cholesterol
  8. Promotes Digestion

Cucumbers are packed with Nutrients. 

In just a single cup of cucumber slices, you’ll get 14% to 19% of the vitamin K you need for the day. You’ll also get vitamins B and C along with minerals like copper, phosphorus, potassium, and magnesium. 

Drink Cucumber Water for Hydration and Weight Loss
Drink Cucumber Water for Hydration and Weight Loss

Cucumber is an excellent coolant for overheated body systems! (Pair with Aloe for hydration and cooling) Cucumbers hydrate the body extremely well, being 95% water. They also help with weight loss and even blood sugar control. (Pair with nopales for blood sugar control).

Fermented Cucumbers are great Probitics
Fermented Cucumbers are great Probitics

Cucumbers as Probiotics

Cucumbers can be excellent probiotics once you ferment them in a salt solution until bacteria start to feed on them, like kimchi or sauerkraut. This makes a complex flavor and a distinctive sour bite. It also creates “good bacteria” (probiotics) that seem to help your body fight germs, absorb nutrients, digest food, and even control anxiety. 

Cucumber Fermentation – USDA ARS

Note: Many supermarket “pickles” are simply cucumbers in a vinegar solution, which are tasty, but not probiotic.

How to make Fermented Pickles! – Feasting At Home

Cucumbers are great for Skin

Cucumbers make your skin healthy and glow by replenishing it with hydration. Applying cucumber and lemon juice can make your skin supple, hydrating, and glowing. Cucumber is also a natural bleaching agent, which makes it useful for removing tans and reducing scars. It is also ideal to restore and even out the uneven complexion. Cucumbers are a quick and easy fix to dark circles and puffy eyes.

Learn more about the Skin Benefits of Cucumber- Natural Skin Hydrator and Toner

You have all the reasons to include this holistic food Cucumber in your daily diet as part of your salads and other appetizers. It is refreshing and soothing to your digestive system, helps maintain a healthy weight, and fights inflammation.

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