Mud Pots for Cooking, Clay Cookware Benefits

Mud Pots for Cooking

Mud Pots for Cooking were an intrinsic part of the ancient Indian household. Due to their holistic health benefits, these Indian clay utensils have found their way back into the kitchens.

These mud pots for cooking preserve the nutritional value of food. Clay utensils almost preserve all the micronutrients present in the food unlike modern utensils like a pressure cooker, plastic, non-stick utensils that are rather hazardous to health.

Mud Pots for Cooking
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Mud Pots for Cooking and their Benefits

Clay cookware has holistic health benefits. It has a great impact on immunity. These earthen pots retain the oil and give moisture due to their porous nature, which helps in making food in less oil. Heat circulates slowly through the food being cooked, making it aromatic and retaining the nutrition. Moreover, it adds many important nutrients like calcium, phosphorus, iron, magnesium, and sulfur to food, which are extremely beneficial to our health.

Characteristics of Clay Utensils that Makes it an Ideal Choice

Clay Pots are Porous

Clay pots being porous in nature allows both moisture and heat to circulate easily through them. This makes it a good choice for slow cooking. Roasts and stews are cooked well in earthen pots.

Storage of water in earthenware allows the heat from the water to escape thereby keeping the water cool.

Clay Utensils are Alkaline

Clay being alkaline in nature helps in neutralizing the pH balance of the food by interacting with the acid present in the food. Foods that are naturally acidic will acquire some natural sweetness. Acids in foods like tomatoes when cooked in earthen pots give the food a wonderful taste.

How to use Earthen Cookware for Cooking

  • Use earthen cookware only for cooking where the temperature rise takes place gradually. Sudden rise or fall of the temperature can lead to its cracking. 
  • Use a skillet to sauté the ingredients before adding them to the pot.
  • Avoid adding cold water into an earthen pot that is already heated.
  • If you are using the dishwasher for washing the glazed earthenware do not put in other cookware with it. The rubbing may cause scratches on the earthenware.
  • Avoid the scratchy powdered cleaner for cleaning your earthenware. Use only a mild soap.
  • Soak the unglazed earthenware to remove food items stuck to your unglazed clay utensils. Avoid detergent. The detergent might be absorbed by the earthenware and prove poisonous while being used the next time.

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