Fermented Rice in Claypot is a Super Powerful Probiotic.

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Fermented Rice is a Great Way to Add Probiotics to your Diet!


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Fermented Rice Super Powerful Probiotic
Fermented Rice Super Powerful Probiotic

Did you know that fermented rice is packed with probiotics that can promote gut health?

Fermented Rice are rich in probiotic bacteria. Consuming this rice can add beneficial bacteria and enzymes to your overall intestinal flora, hence increasing the health of your gut microbiome and digestive system and enhancing the immune system.

When the rice is fermented the lactic acid bacteria breaks down the anti-nutritional factors resulting in an improved bioavailability of micronutrients and minerals such as iron, potassium and calcium.

Fermented rice is a traditional food that has many health benefits!

It is common across diverse geographies – Kerala, Tamil Nadu, AP, Orissa, West Bengal, Assam, Bangladesh. It’s a quintessential summer lunch for bengalis- Panta bhat. In Odisha, it is pakhala. There in villages farmers have it every summer morning. Pazhaya saadam in Tamil Nadu.

Fermented rice is ‘cold’ food in nature. It’s always eaten with Onion and chilli as they are ‘hot’ food. It is important to eat hot food along with this, otherwise, it could be unhealthy and you might catch cold.

Traditionally the rice is cooked in the afternoon and excess water is drained. When the rice cools down to room temperature, it is soaked in water and stored in an earthen clay pot. The covered pot with soaked rice is left overnight at regular room temperature. The rice would ferment by the next morning and is eaten for breakfast. Traditionally, it is eaten with a side dish, raw onion or green chili. Some prefer to drain excess water and eat it with yogurt and a slight sprinkle of pink salt.

It’s a great way to add probiotics to your diet!

Checkout different recipes in different regions.

 Panta bhat
Panta bhat

A quintessential summer lunch for bengalis. Panta bhat. An overnight soaked rice to have with many sides. It cools down the body and protect from burning sun. There are many combos. They have it  with chatu, poshto, macher dimer bora ( fish egg pakora), homemade kasundi, badam bhaja and ool makha ( yam mashed with coconut and mustard chili lime). After this meal enjoy a solid nap.
Watch video on Panta Bhat Recipe

In Odisha, it is Pakhala. It goes well with Saga bhaja,badi chura, macha bhaja. Watch Video on Dahi Pakhala Recipe | Odia Authentic

It’s Pazhaya saadam in Tamil Nadu. Eating with a bit of salt, curd and a pickle is the best breakfast there. Watch Video on Pazhaya Sadam Kanji

Getting your daily dose of B12!

Fermented Rice the richest source of Vitamin B12 for vegans.

Food scientists who researched on the food practices among various regions in the world and concluded that the South Asia’s tradition of consuming the previous day’s cooked rice soaked in plain water overnight, in the morning the next day, as break-fast, is the best. It has the rare B6 B12 vitamins which are not otherwise easily available in other food supplements. This rice generates and harbors trillions of beneficial bacteria that help digestion and has many disease fighting and immunity developing agents. The bacteria that grow in the intestines due to this rice safeguard the internal organs and keep them fit and ready. Consuming this rice helps quicker digestion and wards off ageing, bone related ailments and muscular pains.

Did you know that fermented rice has some amazing health benefits?

  • Consuming this rice for breakfast keeps the body light and energetic.
  • Beneficial bacteria get produced in abundance for the body keeping your gut healthy.
  • Stomach ailments disappear when this is consumed in the morning as excessive and harmful heat retained in the body is neutralized.
  • As this food is very fibrous, it removes constipation and also dullness in the body.
  • Blood pressure is normalized and hypertension subsides appreciably.
  • Body feels less tired due to this food as a result of which one feels fresh throughout the day.
  • This removes allergy induced problems and also skin-related ailments.
  • It removes all types of ulcers in the body.
  • Fresh infections are kept at bay due to consuming this rice.
  • It helps in maintaining a youthful and radiant look.

Fermented Rice Good for Healthy Skin and Hair

 Fermented Rice Water for Healthy Skin and Hair
Fermented Rice Water for Healthy Skin and Hair

Making this Water is easy. Once you have collected your rice water, leave it at room temperature for a day or until it turns slightly sour, implying that it has started to ferment. It can take anywhere from 24 to 48 hours, depending on how warm it is.

Also, during fermentation, a substance called ‘pitera’ forms in the rice water. Pitera is rich in vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and organic acids that promotes cell regeneration and keep your skin and hair healthy.

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