Banana Chips

Banana chips locally called “upperi”, is an ethnic Kerala snack heartily savored by practically everyone.

Banana Chips are an important part of the Kerala tradition. In the past, almost every house in Kerala had an ace banana chip chef and usually, it was the matriarchs of the house.

Kerala has many varieties of Bananas, different colors, and different sizes. Most of the varieties of Bananas you will see in such shops are only grown in Kerala. You should not miss eating these wonderful fruits when in Kerala.

These dried banana chips make good tea time snacks or any time snack when you want to munch something while reading a book or enjoying the monsoon rains.

Nendran, a variety of bananas growing in some parts of South India is the most suitable variety for making chips. Traditionally, raw Nendran bananas are skinned, made into thin slices, and then deep-fried in coconut oil.

The name of Nendran Banana/Nenthra Pazham in English is Plantain banana.

If you are a fan of this ethnic recipe from Kerala, then you must try this – Homemade Kerala Banana Chips Recipe

While bananas can be a healthy choice in a weight loss diet, banana chips are not. They’re bananas that have been deep-fried and doused in sugar or salt. A half-cup serving of these chips has about 210 calories and 12.5g of fat. For a healthier alternative, look for dehydrated, non-fried options made without added sugar. Always try to choose banana chips made with coconut oil and minimal use of spices especially salt. Better yet, choose a whole banana. If you still decide to binge on this tradtional snack, be mindful of your portion size. 

According to health experts, banana chips can be a part of your healthy eating plan, but only on an occasional basis. It is suggested to restrict the consumption to up to 1 or 2 ounces. In case you are a banana fan, consume fresh bananas daily.


Dried chips represent a comparatively healthy snack or dessert if you eat them in moderation and remember to brush your teeth afterward. However, fresh bananas allow you to gain the same nutritional benefits without increasing your fat intake. Both foods provide healthier alternatives to candy, pastries, and corn chips.

They sound like a more natural alternative to, say, potato wafers – and can keep your body fueled up between meals, but it also means that eating large portions of this can trigger weight gain. Snacking in moderation will get some nutritional value for your calorie investment. These are a good source of some essential vitamins, especially magnesium. Also offer some potassium as well, though it might be less than you expect. But you’re better off eating a fresh banana to get your potassium with fewer calories.

The Therapeutic Banana Is A Sacred Ayurveda Fruit

Banana chips are surely quick and healthy snacks, for when you are running low on energy and need a quick refuel. They are a wonderful snack while reading a book or enjoying the monsoon mood or with a cup of filter coffee. As such, these chips are preferred when you have just had your workout session. Be mindful and enjoy this wonderful traditional delight of Kerala.


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