Radish Benefits

Radish has innumerable benefits. Rich in fiber, hence, aids in digestion. Packed with Vitamin C, which helps in maintaining a healthy metabolism and strong immunity. It acts as a powerful detoxifier, cleanses the blood, and removes toxins and waste.

Radish is a favorite vegetable all over the earth and has many benefits. This edible root vegetable being mostly eaten raw as a crunchy salad vegetable with a pungent and bitter flavor. It is an amazing source of fiber which helps in lowering cholesterol levels and boost weight loss. It has many hearts protective nutrients like Vitamin C, folic acid, calcium, potassium and flavonoids. It lowers oxidative stress, relieve symptoms associated with dehydration, improve liver health and can improve your breath.

Regular consumption of red radish helps you lose weight
Red Radish is rich in Vitamin C

The parts of radishes that are usually consumed are the greeneries, flowers, pods and seeds. Radishes acts as a powerful detoxifier. It cleanses blood, removes toxins and waste. Radishes are diuretic in nature, high in fiber makes it a very good dietary choice for persons who are determined to lose weight.

You would be surprised to know that half cup of radishes each day in a salad or just as a snack is nearly 15% of your daily intake of Vitamin C. Consistently maxing out your daily dose of Vitamin C intake can revitalize your immune system by substituting many of the antioxidants and white blood cells which are so essential in fighting off each disease from the common cold to cancer! 

Radish, also known as Mooli in India, every region boasts of many radish recipes.

This long tap root vegetable with sweet and acerbic flavors is commonly used in salads, ground into dips and chutneys, and are mixed in Wheat or Makki dough to create those steaming hot Mooli Parathas or made as Mooli Bhuji with chapati and dal.

Mooli Parantha Recipe
Mooli Parantha (Vysyas Recipe)

Bright red, purple and pink radishes are not only widely included in cooking for their exquisite flavors and health benefits, but also to add drama to the preparations.

Sipping on raw radish juice along with rock salt and a dash of black pepper is considered beneficial in treating conditions like diabetes, high blood pressure, kidney and liver related issues, and skin disorders.

Some of the common and popular recipes of radish (Mooli)includes:

White Radish Theplas Recipe

White radish goes well in theplas and paranthas. Both mooli and its leaves are used in this mooli thepla recipe which is a famous healthy Gujrati parantha.

Mooli paratha recipe is a traditional Punjabi recipe made with grated radish, radish leaves and whole wheat flour. They work perfectly as breakfast or lunch menu.

Nachni Roti Recipe

Another good use of mooli is the combination with the healthy Nachni flour to make Radish Nachni Roti Recipe which is great for weight loss

Mooli is used extensively in Rajasthani cooking and combines well with yellow moong dal to make a healthy mooli moong dal recipe

Cucumber Radish salad with curd

Carrot Radish Brine Pickle Recipe, a good probiotic and healthy gut.

Mooli ki Sabzi with Radish Leaves Recipe, there is nothing healthier than Mooli ki Sabzi for a perfect Lunch and Dinner with some mixed Dal and Rice/Roti.

Mooli Jowar ki Roti, a gluten-free healthy breakfast recipe for weight loss diet.

Radish Benefits

Regular consumption of Radish promises many health benefits! Most of us would remember reluctantly drinking raw radish juice to cure jaundice. Not only this, but radish also comes packed with antioxidants and many essential nutrients that may treat and help manage many ailments. 

Radish benefits
Radish Super Roots

They are enriched with Vitamin C, potassium, folic acid, and have anti-cancer and anti-carcinogenic properties.

They are rich in fiber, hence aid in digestion, easing conditions like constipation.

Radish consumption has also proved beneficial in relieving from cough, cold and flu due to its anti-congestive properties.

Packed with Vitamin C, radish helps in maintaining healthy metabolism and strong immunity.

Microgreens Daily Dose of Nutrition to Boost Immunity

Radishes and Weight Loss

Radishes are low in calories, have low GI, high on dietary fiber, water content and low in digestible carbs and fat.

A half cup of radishes contains 1 g of fiber, which is important for weight loss: fiber not only helps to lower cholesterol by binding to low-density lipoproteins (LDLs), increasing your fiber intake may help you to lose weight. Fiber is a portion of the plant that goes undigested and when you eat foods with plenty of fiber, you feel full longer.

Eating radish can help you achieve a flat belly. Low GI food varieties keep control of the glucose level. This, thus, keeps the insulin level adjusted in the blood which is essential for appropriate fat consumption.

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