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Chia Seeds Benefits, Chia Seeds Drink for Weight Loss


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Chia Seeds Benefits makes these tiny seeds power-packed superfoods. Chia seeds are beneficial for reducing inflammation and blood sugar. Promote bone and heart health. Helps with fat loss and is high in antioxidants.

Chia seeds are easy to digest when prepared properly, and are a very versatile ingredient that adds easily to recipes.

Benefits of Chia Seeds
Chia Seeds Recipes for Good Health

Top 10 Benefits of Chia Seeds

  1. Taking chia seeds can prevent premature skin aging due to inflammation and free radical damage.
  2. Chia is super-high in fiber, providing nearly 11 grams per ounce. One serving can provide the recommended fiber intake for the day and it can work as a prebiotic supporting the growth of probiotics in the gut.
    You know Fermented Rice Super Powerful Probiotic
  3. Chia seeds are beneficial for heart health. It reverses inflammation, regulates cholesterol, and lowers blood pressure. 
  4. Chia seeds help prevent metabolic disorders and insulin resistance – which are two factors in the development of diabetes. 
  5. Consuming chia seeds enhances exercise performance for workouts. It Boosts Your Energy & Metabolism.
  6. Chia seeds reduce obesity as adding to your diet reduces visceral adipose tissue, a “belly fat” that affects the metabolism of the body.
  7. Calcium is fundamental in bone health and helps maintain bone strength and mass. Just one ounce of chia seeds has 18% of the recommended daily amount of calcium. 
  8. Chia seeds are among the top plant-based protein. So for vegans, this super seed is a great way to put on lean muscle, burn fat, and balance blood sugar levels.
    As we know Plant-Based Diet is a holistic approach to proportionately choose more of your foods from plant sources to live a healthier lifestyle and contribute to environmental sustainability. 
  9. Chia seeds are rich in Omega-3 fatty acid that Fights Breast and Cervical Cancer
  10. Chia seeds being packed with calcium, phosphorus, Vitamin A, and zinc, are a top food to help your teeth! 

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Is it OK to eat chia seeds everyday?

Chia seeds are highly nutritious, boast a long list of health benefits and can be a healthy dietary addition for most. However, moderation is key, as eating too many may cause side effects. To prevent this, start with 1 ounce (28 grams) daily and assess your tolerance before slowly increasing your intake.

Chia Seeds Drink for Weight Loss

Chia seeds are one of the best superfoods to lose weight. It boosts your digestive health, metabolic rate. It’s high in iron, Omega-3, and good fats, which make it an excellent addition to your diet. These tiny white and black seeds are great to lose weight and especially to reduce belly fat.

To make one glass of chia seeds water, soak around one teaspoon of chia seeds in a glass of water. Let it sit for minimum half an hour. Strain and drink. You can also add thinly sliced pieces of lemon to it.

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Crunchy Avocado Chia Toast for Breakfast!
Already a big fan of avocado toast? Great! Elevate your creations to the next level by sprinkling on some crunchy chia. 

How can I eat chia seeds?

Ways to Eat Chia Seeds

  1. Smoothies. A popular way to use chia seeds is in smoothies.
  2. Salad Dressings. Chia seeds blend well with salad dressing ingredients such as olive oil, vinegar, honey, and lemon juice.
  3. Pudding.
  4. Baked Goods.
  5. Granola, Protein Bars, or Energy Bars.
  6. Chia Drinks.
  7. Popsicles.
  8. Breadcrumbs.

Note: Occasionally some people may experience stomach discomfort when consuming chia seeds especially in large amounts due to the high fiber content. As with any food, eat in moderation and always drink plenty of water unless soaking your seeds.

Chia seeds have a mild nutty taste and can easily be added to most dishes as a garnish, yet chewing small seeds like flax or chia generally doesn’t make the omega-3’s and other nutrients readily available for digestion and assimilation. The best way to access their vitamins and minerals is to either grind or soak them.

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