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Amazing Benefits Of Shahtoot (Mulberry) In Ayurveda


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Amazing Benefits Of Shahtoot (Mulberry)
Amazing Benefits Of Shahtoot (Mulberry)

Shahtoot in India, are also called mulberry has been used as a traditional medicine in Ayurveda for a long time. Its extracts form a part of many Ayurvedic healing formulations. Other early civilisations in places like China, Iraq and Greece have also recognised its immense health value.

Mulberry fruits (Shahtoot in Hindi) are refreshingly succulent, tart and sweet to taste and are indeed rich in numerous health benefiting flavonoids. According to this study, it is one of the healthiest fruits that can benefit the person consuming it.

Mulberries, often referred as ‘Shahtoot‘ in Hindi, ‘Kambali Pandu‘ in Telugu, ‘Mucukkattaip palam’ in Tamil, ‘Hippunerale‘ in Kannada, ‘Shetur‘ in Guajrati, ‘Tutee‘ in Marathi and ‘Shatut‘ in Punjabi.

Health Benefits of Mulberry fruit (Shahtoot)

Shahtoot is a rich source of protein, vitamin C and K, fiber, and iron which gives it incredible health benefits. Here are its health benefits of Shahtoot(mulberry) fruit:

  1. Supports positive effects on aging:A good source of antioxidants, it helps lessen the damage of free radicals.
  2. Supports healthy immune system:Shahtoot fruit contains certain alkaloids that activate Macrophages are white blood cells that help stimulate the immune system of the body to be active against any health threats.
  3. Supports healthy blood sugar level: Shahtoot fruit suppresses the elevation of blood sugar level and thus balances and controls the sugar level.
  4. Supports healthy bone tissue: Shahtoot fruit is rich in Vitamin K, calcium, iron and contains traces of phosphorous and magnesium which is beneficial for healthy maintenance of bone tissue.
  5. Supports digestive health: The dietary fiber in this fruit helps improve the digestive health and prevents one from having constipation, bloating and cramps.
  6. Supports healthy vision: It prevents damage to the retina caused by free radicals.
  7. Tackles Hypertension:This fruit has flavonoids that can prevent tightening of the blood vessels. On the other hand, it also helps them relax, which eases the flow of blood. This works to reduce high blood pressure and promote better blood circulation through the body.
  8. Boosts Iron LevelsThis fruit, by supplying iron, increases the red blood cell count and therefore can boost energy as well as help treat anemia. Higher iron supply also boosts immunity and ensures healthy skin.
  9. Abundance Of AntioxidantsAyurvedic doctors encourage eating antioxidant rich foods. Antioxidants are extremely important for a healthy body and mind. Shahtoot contains many antioxidants that can prevent degeneration in the body, reduce oxidative stress, improve skin health, and potentially fight cancer.
  10. Fights Off The FluIf you tend to be down with a cough and cold all too often, you might want to eat more mulberries. This fruit is a common traditional remedy for the flu since it boosts immunity and can fight off bacterial infections. Consider drinking warm mulberry tea.
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