6 Super Greens to Boost Overall Health

6 Super greens to boost overall health.

Eating all healthy plant-based greens helps strengthen immunity & gut and protect from inflammation. Super greens are considered to be the best sources of nutrition available!

A plant-based diet carries powerful natural substances or phytochemicals like carotenoids, phytosterols, polyphenols, limonoids, and polysaccharides. These phytochemicals possess antioxidants, antiseptic, antiallergic, anti-inflammatory, and many other properties to protect from ailments, fight them, and boost overall health.

6 Super Greens to Include in your Daily Diet

  1. Broccoli: Helps strengthen the immune system. It’s a natural detox and fights inflammation.
  2. Cucumber: Super hydrating with potential antidiabetic, lipid-lowering antioxidant activity. It has a cleansing action within the body by removing accumulated pockets of old waste materials and chemical toxins. The top nutrient in cucumbers is vitamin K, which is key for bone health.
  3. Spinach: Best brain food that helps prevent brain oxidation. It has been shown to improve oxidative stress, eye health, and blood pressure.
  4. Amaranth: A good source of protein for a  vegan diet. Rich in fiber, helps lower cholesterol.
  5. Bathua: A natural laxative. Helps cure constipation and a host of digestive issues by aiding digestion and boosting intestinal activity.
  6. Fenugreek leaves: Aids in digestion, lowers cholesterol, purifies blood, and stimulates the liver and spleen. Fenugreek leaves have antioxidant, anti-ulcer, anti-bacterial, anti-cancer, blood pressure lowering, hair strengthening,pain-reducing, and mucus and phlegm-reducing properties.

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Spirulina is available online, as a powder, or as a supplement. It can be added to water, smoothies, or fruit juice. A person can also sprinkle it over salad or snacks to increase their protein content. You can check out organic certified Spirulina on Amazon

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Research-Based Evidence

A study by Nutrition Research found that consuming steamed broccoli regularly lowers the risk of cardiovascular disease by reducing the total amount of cholesterol in the body. 

Grand Forks Human Nutrition Research Center says that green leafy vegetables due to their high content of antioxidants may be one of the best cancer-preventing foods. Eating 2 to 3 servings of green leafy vegetables per week may lower the risk of stomach, breast, and skin cancer. These same antioxidants have also been proven to decrease the risk of heart disease.

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