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Snackable Workouts New Wellness Trend 2021


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Snackable Workouts- Shorter Workouts is a New Wellness Trend 2021

In this COVID 2021 year people have become more inclusive and started to prioritize their fitness and wellness goals. They have started to explore more with fitness- trying new styles or picking up old routines like dancing, walking, yoga, swimming, pilates. 

Being at home doing multitasking, fitting an hour-long workout looks nearly impossible. So people are now heading to be more innovative with their time and virtual fitness goals. To keep their goals sustained, they want to keep it simple, short and manageable workouts. This has led to the popularity of shorter workouts(snackable) trend in 2021.

Snackable Workouts for Your Fitness and Wellness Goals

Snackable workout trend is about sticking to your fitness and wellness goals without compromising your priorities at home. Exercise is important and it is not necessary it has to happen all at once. In fact, breaking up your workout schedules into short increments throughout the day gives you benefits that go beyond your physical health. Moreover this  adds more movement throughout the day keeping you active all day.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO) a lack of physical activity is a more significant health risk than being overweight or obese, yet a self-reporting WHO study published in 2018 revealed that a third of us aren’t clocking up the 150 minutes of exercise a week recommended by the NHS. 

Adults sitting for more than eight hours a day are challenged with good heart health. Snackable workouts with multiple quick bursts of exercise will burn additional calories throughout the day, increase circulation to the brain for improved focus and clarity and provide better sleep.  

It’s a great way to get up from long hours of sitting and do a short exercise throughtout the day to get your heart rate up. Doing exercises for 5 to 15 minutes about three to five times per day – mid-morning, lunch, afternoon and before or after dinner can improve your overall health.

Checkout Snackable Fitness Hacks ideas

Snackible Exercises Throughout the Day


Start with a basic 15min Vinyasa Series to get your body activated for the day, followed by a meditation.


Go out to pick some groceries or do 2000 steps walk in home


Do a series of lunges or planks while you wait to heat up your lunch: 5-10 minutes


Throw in some burpees or squat jumps by your desk: 5-10 minutes


Do a virtual workout. You can choose from different options available on YouTube. You can pick 30 min zumba, pilates, yoga, hiit, step workouts.

30-Minute Cardio Latin Dance Workout

After Dinner

Go for a walk outside: 15 minutes

Benefits for Short Exercises or Snackable Workouts

Snackable Workouts(Short Exercises)
Short Exercises

Fitness or exercise snacking isn’t necessarily a new concept. Fitness experts have always advised to be active throughout the day, do small walk breaks in between sitting jobs.

  • Small snacking exercises before main meals is an effective approach to improve glycaemic control in individuals with insulin resistance. Highly recommended for diabetic or prediabetic, to do some kind of strength training before meals to improve blood sugar control and improve muscle sensitivity to insulin.
  • Doing 10-15min of brisk walk spread throughout the day, keeps your heart health in check.
  • Always getting up for small walk after a long sitting at desk, helps to keep your goals of being active as per WHO guidelines.
  • Snackable exercise of 10 min after different intervals of the day helps to speed up metabolism, keeps blood sugar in control and improves the body’s ability to effectively break down fat.
  • Short bursts of intense training provides maximum release of the human growth hormone. This growth hormone pushes protein back into everything in the body, for example calcium into the bones and collagen into the skin.
  • High-intensity training workouts improves your sleep quality.
  • Short weight training sessions target and treat body aches and pains by balancing the muscles, strengthening the back, neck and shoulder. Improves posture deformities caused by hunching over a computer or focusing on our mobile screens lying in bed.
  • Women experience a loss of muscle and bone density with ageing because of the drop in oestrogen that occurs around the menopause. Weight and resistance based exercise snacking is a must to gain muscles.
  • Exercise snacking helps you in your weight loss goals as metabolic pay-offs will contribute to better overall wellbeing. In reality for weight loss it’s 85 per cent nutrition and 15 per cent exercise. High intensity training can boost metabolism plus weight training builds muscle. So plan your snackable workouts accordingly.

All in all, dividing shorter workouts into more frequent sessions can provide multiple health benefits.

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Wellness Goals for Better Health and Well-being

Remember it’s important to keep your body in motion throughout the day. These snackable exercises are great opportunities to keep you free from feeling sluggish, tired, depressed or frustrated.

Remember to alternate your snackable exercises with stretching to help release the tensions from sitting during the day. 

In the digital era you are not limited to choices. Pick up your favorite online workouts and instructors and get your mood set for the day. Stay motivated and challenge your spouse, friends, children to participate in these snackable movements throughout the day.

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