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Garlic Onion Remedy to Promote Hair Regrowth | Hair Loss | Baldness Remedy

Garlic Onion Remedy to Promote Hair Regrowth!
Garlic Onion Remedy to Promote Hair Regrowth!

Garlic and onion are the best alternative remedy for Hair Loss & Baldness and Hair Regrowth!Garlic and Onion has the antibacterial, cleansing, stimulating, and nourishing powers. They help to remove and destroy harmful toxins and stimulate blood circulation, which is an important factor in the scalp for proper hair growth and to prevent hair loss. They help to keep hair strong, prevents breakage and hair loss, and add significant volume and shine to your hair.

Onion as Hair loss Remedy

Apply freshly-squeezed, raw onion juice directly onto the scalp, massage deep into the scalp and hair roots. Left on the scalp for about half-an-hour before shampooing. Do these treatment everyday. In most cases, regular onion treatments will result in dramatic improvement of hair thickness within just several months. Since onion juice restores hair follicles and improves scalp circulation, it will help to promote the strong-hair growth.

Onion Hair Rinse & Hair Growth Serum

  • Finely chopped 4-5 onions using a knife then soak it in a 1 liter of water.
  • Boil the mixture in a high heat stove for 10-12 minutes for maximum effectiveness.
  • Cool down the mixture for an hour or two so your scalp will not get burnt.
  • You can use this hair rinse after you took a shower; rinse your head and scalp with the mixture and if you don’t mind the smell, you can wash the hair rinse at night.
  • Adding honey to the mixture will mask the smell of the onion, thanks to the sweet aroma of the honey.
  • Apply this everyday onto your scalp for 10 minutes then wash it off using clean water. Just see the difference after each day of doing this procedure.

Garlic to Promote Hair Growth

The hair follicles are blocked by the effects of our bad diet so upon using Garlic to promote Hair Growth, we should also exercise daily and have a good diet (plenty of fiber-rich food and a lot of fruits and vegetables).Applying Garlic on the part of your head that is currently undergoing the balding process can help top Hair Thinning and improve blood circulation for you hair follicles can start producing hair strands again.

  • just crush the garlic and put its juice in a small bottle or container.
  • After collecting some juices from the garlic, just apply it onto the balding spot in your head; make sure that you cover all the affected spots so the hair growth will be even.
  • After a few minutes, wash it of your scalp with clean water.

Just ignore the bad smell of the garlic because its Hair growing properties can mask its smell.

You can try one very popular brand which has positive reviews is Dr. Christopher’s Original Formulas Oil. Check it out on Amazon.

Garlic Used as Shampoo

  • Mix the Garlic Oil in your shampoo bottle and mix it well. The smell will be bad so you need to add some honey for a sweet smell and for moisturizing effect.
  • Also add some Ginger to soothe and relax your hair and scalp effectively.

Just remember that you should use this Garlic Shampoo only twice a month (Choose a day on the second week of the month and last week of the month) because it can irritate your hair if used every day.

You can also buy Nutrine Garlic Shampoo & Conditioner as is one of the more Popular Garlic Shampoos

Lastly, Add plenty of Garlic and Onions into your dishes everyday so the Hair Promoting powers of the two will go inside your body and help improve the circulation all of blood and hemoglobin from your scalp into your toes.

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