Rose Flowers Balances All Three Doshas

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Rose Petal Benefits, Balances all Three Doshas


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Rose Petal Benefits

Roses comes with plenty of potential health benefits. Its good for skin, prevents and treat infections. They also treat the heart, nerves and lift the spirits. They have an affinity for the blood and are astringent which helps reduce inflammation and stop sweating. As well as an anti-depressant, rose is also an aphrodisiac. Rose also opens the heart chakra, increasing patience, compassion and love.

Roses in Ayurveda has been used for treatments. It is a Tridoshic flower which balances Vata , Pitta and Kapha, it is predominantly a cooling Herb (Vata) . Hence it is most commonly used to soothe and balance the Pitta  dosha—the force associated with heat, steam, anger, and stress.

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Rose Petal Benefits
Rose Petal Benefits

The Importance and Benefits of Rose Petal in Ayurveda

Roses petals have a very important role in Ayurvedic wellness. It Enhances Brain Health, Helps in Spiritual Upliftment, Good for the Stomach, Balances the Metabolism, Essential for a Ayurvedic Skin Regime, Reduces Stress, Soothing for Eyes.

How to Include Roses in your Ayurveda Lifestyle

  • Rose water for instant cooling. It helps neutralize the PH of the sweat reducing skin irritations and restoring skin health and glow.
  • Take rose water internally (1tsp with water 3X/day) to pacify Pitta
  • Clean your face in rose water every morning to clear heat related skin issues.
  • Add organic rosewater to your bath for a fragrant, rejuvenating experience.
  • Anoint yourself with rose oil on the third eye, throat and navel to keep these centres of awareness cool, calm and collected.
  • Use rose water as eye drops for itchy, hot, tired eyes, and also problems due to allergies. To do this, take one ounce of distilled or purified water and add 5 drops of pure rose oil. Use a dropper or an eye cup to rinse the eye, making sure the water is neither too cold nor too hot.
  • We recommend a delicious way to take rose is to collect a glass of fresh rose petals and cover them in sugar overnight (ideally leave in the moonlight). In the morning you will have a rose syrup elixir to mix in with home-made almond milk or take diluted with water.
  • Consume regularly in form of gulukand or (Rose Preserve) it has known to show benefits to brain health, balances apetite, helps in UTI, improves metabolism. learn more about Gulkand as An Ayurvedic Tonic, Antioxidant, Rejuvenator
  • Buy Dry Rose Petals, Red and Fragrant for Tea, Baking, Crafts, Sachets, Baths, Aromatherapy, Oil Infusions, Tinctures 

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