Peepal Tree Benefits In Ayurveda: According to Ayurveda, every part of the peepal tree – the leaf, bark, shoot, seeds and its fruit has several medicinal benefits, and it is being used since ancient times to cure many diseases. Peepal fruit can also be taken for cough, pitta, blood-related problems, burning sensation and vomitting etc.

Peepal Tree
Peepal Tree

Peepal Tree(Ficus religiosa or sacred fig)

This sacred tree native to the Indian subcontinent is a storehouse of medicinal value. Every part of the peepal tree – the leaf, bark, shoot, seeds and its fruit has several medicinal benefits, and it is being used since ancient times to cure many diseases, ranging from a simple incident like a snake bite to Asthma, skin diseases, kidney diseases, constipation, dysentery, impotency and various blood-related problems. Peepal or Ashwatha tree is of great importance in Ayurveda and holds religious importance in India.

Sanskrit name: Ashwatha, Pippala

English name: Peepal tree, Sacred fig

Hindi or common name: Pipal, pipli, pipar

Scientific name: Ficus religiosa Linn

(PDF) Ficus religiosa: A wholesome medicinal tree

Peepal Medicinal Benefits to Cure Diseases

  1. Diabetes: In India, diabetes is a disease of serious concern because of the fact that increasingly many people are being diagnosed with this disease. Studies are shedding light on the possible use of peepal extracts in diabetes. Diabetes induced rats showed a significant drop in the blood glucose levels after being administered with peepal extracts. Apart from glucose levels, even cholesterol levels had also been controlled.
  2. Rheumatic Pains and Arthritis: The leaf extracts of peepal contain anti-inflammatory as well as analgesic properties which are effective in controlling rheumatic pains and arthritis.
  3. Anticonvulsant & Helps in Inducing Sleep: Studies on peepal fruit extracts indicate that they possess convulsion preventive properties. This was tested on lab rats which were given electric shocks along with picrotoxin and pentylenetetrazol chemicals. Final results showed that peepal fruit extracts had reduced convulsions resulting from the electrical shocks and chemicals. The extracts were also helpful in inducing deep sleep on the subjects.
  4. Bacterial Infections: The leaf extracts of Peepal were studied for their antimicrobial properties. Studies showed control of various bacteria and fungi such as Bacillus subtilis, Staphylococcus aureus, Escherichia coli, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, and Candida albicans and Aspergillus niger.
  5. Wound Healing: The leaf extracts of Peepal showed wound healing properties. Wounds like excision and incision wounds healed faster when test subjects were given the leaf extracts compared to test subjects which were not given any medicine.
  6. Amnesia: In behaviour controlled environments for amnesia induced rats, fig extracts of peepal were investigated for their possible role in improving the memory of the subjects. Results showed significant improvement in rats which were given fig extracts, suggesting a positive relationship between amnesia control and peepal figs.
  7. Reduce Body Heat(Pitta) & Increase the Strength: Marmalade made from tender leaves of peepal tree provides vitality and strength to the body. Consuming the marmalade removes many heat related diseases.This also cleanses the kidney and allows urination without obstruction. Excessive burning of eyes due to pitta can also be treated using this marmalade.This is beneficial in pregnancy & menstrual related issues.Consuming this negates any fear of miscarriage.
  8. Heart Health: To strengthen the heart it is advised 10 to 12 grams of tender peepal leaves extract and 1/4 th spoon powdered candied sugar(khadi sakhar) to be taken in the morning & evening. This makes the heart strong, there will be no heart failures(heart attacks), this is also beneficial in conditions like epilepsy & fits.
  9. Gum Diseases: Chewing the roots of Peepal helps with gum diseases and kills bacteria. The bark can be boiled and used as a mouthwash, this helps with a toothache. It also helps with hiccups.
  10. Skin Diseases: Peepal leaves are great for treating cracked skin, bruises, acne, stretch marks, and a number of skin diseases. Taking 40 ml of tea from this leaf is effective for the problem of itching and other skin diseases.
  11. Stomach Disorders: They act as a laxative upon heating up. Eating a soft leaf of peepal helps ease stomach pain. A mixture of Peepal stem with equal amounts of coriander and sugar can ease up diarrhea. Eating ripe Peepal fruit helps increase appetite, and it can also cure constipation.
  12. Asthma: A powder of this fruit taken with water is good for Asthma patients.
  13. Snake Bite: In case of a snake bite give 2-2 spoons of the extracts of Peepal leaves three to four times to reduce the effect of the poison
  14. Eczema Itching: Take 50 gms peepal bark ash and add lime and ghee properly and make the paste of the mixture. Apply this paste on effective areas and it will prove soothing effects. Take 40 ml tea of peepal bark regularly and it will also be useful.
  15. Blood Purification: Take one to two gm of Peepal seeds powder and take it with honey twice a day and it will purify the blood. In the gastric-related blood disorders take 40 ml kwath and five gms of honey for best results.
  16. Impotency: Take half spoon of peepal fruit powder thrice a day with milk. You will get rid of impotency and give strength to the body.


One must never pluck leaves from peepal trees casually. First pray to peepal God,” Oh,Lord I am using this for medicinal purposes, Please bless us”. One must never cut a peepal tree as the holy God element resides in it.

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