Upgade your Lifestyle with Ayurveda

Lifestyle with AYURVEDA

Ayurveda enriches your lifestyle with simple 8 daily rituals that brings self awareness, mitigates imbalances, balance your mental and emotional health, enhances your immunity, and helps you live a disease free life.

8 Daily Rituals to Upgrade your Lifestyle with Ayurveda

  1. Get your daily dose of sunshine to energise your day.
  2. Get into the habit of Oil Pulling. This ancient Ayurveda remedy helps in your oral care. Whitens your teeth, freshens your breath and greatly improves your oral hygeine.
  3. Daily self massage with sesame oil before taking bath.  This is to relieve stress, treat insomnia and moisturize the skin. It’s widely practiced and embraced as a bathing ritual that benefits the body, mind, and spirit. Learn about Traditional Ayurveda Abhyanga Massage.
  4. Daily Nasya is a very important ritual for above neck area. It has the ability to bring your consciousness back to the present moment and cures absent-mindedness, often associated with Vata imbalances and also commonly for respiratory congestion or recurring migraine headaches. Doing this daily for whole life can maintain a good respiratory health, release toxins and keep you healthy. Simply pour 2 – 2 drops of cow’s ghee in every nostril daily. It’s called Pratimarshanasya.
  5. Taking a mindful walk in nature. This can help you transition away from daily struggles. Nature walks infuse fresh oxygen and reduces stress and calms your nerves. It can lower concentrations of cortisol, lower pulse rate and blood pressure. This can create feelings of wellbeing, provide better sleep, improve mood and manage stress.
  6. Foot massage before sleep. This simple act of rubbing oil on the soles of the feet—especially at bedtime—calms the vata dosha. Relieves fatigue or exhaustion, reduce stress and encourage sound sleep.
  7. Make sleep a priority, follow circadian way. Our wakefulness and activeness are directly linked to light exposure during the day which causes the master clock to send signals to our brain to generate alertness. As night falls, the master clock triggers the production of melatonin, a hormone that stimulates sleep, and then keeps transmitting signals that help us stay asleep through the night. In this way, our circadian rhythm aligns our sleep and wakefulness with day and night to create a stable cycle of restorative rest that enables increased daytime activity. Understand more about the Circadian Rhythm Cycle of Sleep.
  8. Eat as per Ayurveda. Right Way of Eating as Per Ayurveda lays certain guidelines which needs to be followed for holistic health and wellness. Learn here.

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