Gut Cleanse Detox | Ayurvedic Cleansing(Panchakarma)

Gut Cleanse Detox

Gut Cleanse Detox is an Ayurveda protocol to cleanse your body from time to time to remove toxins and balance the five elements and three Dosha to restore the natural constitution of your body.

Every single day, your gut accumulates various kinds of toxins, due to poor digestion, stress and environmental pollutants, etc. This toxic accumulation, known as Ama(toxins) in Ayurveda, disturbs the natural biochemistry and functioning of all organs within the body. 

Gut Cleanse Detox
Heal The Gut

Some simple Gut Cleanse Detox can be done at home on a more regular basis and can do Ayurveda panchakarma detoxification therapy once a year. This consists of five purificatory actions combined with abhyanga or oil massage; swedhana, sweating; and a mono-diet of kitchari. This Ayurvedic Cleansing is best done at the change of seasons to rebalance accumulated doshas. 

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Gut Cleanse Detox

Heal Your Gut Naturally with some Simple Cleansing at Home


Start your day with lemon water
Start your day with lemon water

Lukewarm lemon water empty stomach helps to cleanse your entire body and reduce toxins in the blood. Nutrients in lemons promote the removal of waste materials. It helps to ignite your Agni or digestive fire, stimulating the detox process. It improves liver health, balances pH, hydrates the body to relieve constipation, and makes your skin glow.

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DAILY DRY BRUSHING for Lymph Drainage and Circulation

Dry Brushing Skin
Dry Brushing Skin

Daily dry brushing also called garshana promotes lymph drainage and circulation, supporting the immune system. It releases toxins and helps in losing fat. It exfoliates and promotes bright radiant skin. Brushing invigorates Kapha dosha. Use long strokes towards the heart and circular motion at joints. Follow with abhyanga, self-oil massage, and hot shower or bath.


Tongue Cleaning- An Ayurvedic Daily Routine
Tongue Cleaning- An Ayurvedic Daily Routine

Tongue cleaning holds a lot of importance in Ayurvedic Daily Routine. Doing this first thing in the morning clears toxins and bacteria from the tongue. For example, if a thick coating is present towards the back of the tongue, there is an accumulation of Kapha + potentially toxic residue – Ama, as it is called in Ayurveda. Such is a result of improper eating, poor digestion, or a reflection of an imbalance in the gastrointestinal system. Ridges around the edges represent mal-absorption of nutrients, while dryness or cracking represents excess Vata or a loss of fluids within the body. This ancient practice helps to stimulate the internal organs through energetic connections with the rest of the body. It improves digestion by increasing your sense of taste. It helps to balance the heavy, dulling qualities of Kapha dosha and cleanses the body of ama. Scraping a tongue prevents bad breath and protects gums, teeth, and the heart. Removal of toxins enhances the sense of taste.

Ayurveda Cleanse, Reprogram Your Digestive Fire

Ayurveda Cleanse
Ayurveda Cleanse

Get strong digestion, glowing skin, and more energy with An Ayurveda cleanse that is focused on reprogramming your digestive fire by getting rid of natural toxins. This cleansing process rebuilds vitality and improves the sense of balance and overall health.

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Ayurveda Panchakarma Treatment

Ayurveda Panchakarma is an Ayurvedic way to achieve a balanced mind, body, and spirit.  This transformative ayurvedic therapy removes toxins and restores the natural constitution of the body. Ayurvedic Panchakarma therapy can cure all chronic illnesses. 

This detox can be done by anyone for general well-being. It improves metabolism and thus makes you energetic. Helps in Hormonal balance and improves blood circulation that helps to restore appetite, sleep quality, concentration and memory.

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Five Panchakarma Treatments:

The five processes in Panchkarma are not necessary for every individual. Based on your age, medical condition, dosha imbalance, your doctors will decide the appropriate treatments and duration of each. 

The panchakarma therapies include

  • Nasya: Cleansing of five Sense Organs and Nervous System through nostrils.
  • Vamana: Cleansing of Digestive System, by medically induced vomiting.
  • Virechana: Cleansing of intestines in the stomach, through medically induced purgation.
  • Basti: Cleansing of the colon, enema by inducing ayurvedic herbal oils/decoctions.
  • Rakta Mochana: Cleansing of Blood, with the help of leeches.

Ayurvedic Panchakarma Detox is offered in three stages: Purvakarma,Pradhanakarma, Paschatkarma. 

Ideally, it takes about 21 days to 28 days to complete four/five detox processes. A minimum of 14 days is required to give at least one/two detox therapies. 

Purvakarma: Preparing the body for detox, includes daily oil massages, steam bath, etc., and changes in diet, lifestyle, oral medication, etc.

Pradhanakarma: the main detoxification treatments, listed above.

Paschatkarma: restoration of body, by rejuvenation therapies.

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