Eating Well Based On Ayurvedic Food Concept

Eating a well-balanced diet based on the Ayurvedic food concept brings the balance of Doshas in our body. The right balance brings good health and longevity.

Food is great medicine and has vital force required for sustenance and vitality of individuals. Food eaten on the basis of body constitution, five elements, season, daily regimen and the six tastes play an integral role in strengthening immunity and disease-free life.

Eating Well with Ayurveda Wisdom

Food & Ayurveda

Our body and food is made up of five elements(earth, water, fire, wind, and space). Right balance of these 5 elements in food makes the balance of Doshas in our body. The right balance brings good health and longevity.

Lifestyle disorders are a big problem for our society. Most diseases are the result of lifestyle-related factors such as unhealthy diet and dietary habits, lack of physical exercise, and lack of awareness regarding the preventive aspects of diseases, etc.

Lifestyle Disorders

Lifestyle disorders are the cause of abnormal diet and lifestyle.

Abnormal Diet

  • Consumption of junk/fast/packaged food
  • Following fad diet patterns
  • Use of chemical preservatives & flavoring agents
  • Less fiber-rich diet
  • Use of incompatible food items
  • Lack of nutrients in the diet

Abnormal Mode of Life

  • Faulty cooking techniques
  • Meal skipping
  • Disordered eating habits
  • Inappropriate meal intake timings
  • Non observance of eating etiquettes

How To Balance The Three Doshas

Ayurveda has a balanced approach for Eating Well

The concept is very simple that our body as well as disease both are the product of food we consume. Thus choosing a healthy wholesome diet plays an important role in maintaining hormonal balance in women.

Rules for Taking Meals

  1. Always eat warm, fresh, nourishing food
  2. Eat in adequate quantity
  3. Eat only when previous meal is digested
  4. Foods of different potency to be avoided
  5. Avoid eating food very fast/very slow
  6. While eating practice mindfulness and should not have any distractions like gadgets, books or any other activity
  7. Include all tastes in your meals namely sweet, sour, salty, pungent, bitter and astringent in your daily diet because it provides satiety and immune strength.
  8. Consume sweet substances first followed by sour and salty and later on pungent, bitter and astringent at the closure of the meal for ensuring good digestion.
  9. Consume fruits one hour before or two hours after meal. “Fruits are best enjoyed as breakfast (if you have good digestion) or as a snack on its own (not mixed with anything)
  10. Ayurveda emphasises on drinking water only when you feel thirsty. Every person has a different body, hence, drinking the same amount of water cannot be recommended to everybody. The body cannot absorb too much water intake; therefore it is imperative to know the thirst cues your body gives you.Also Water is a coolant and regularly indulging in consuming it right after meals can result in obesity. Therefore, this practice is not encouraged. Wait for at least half-an-hour before having water once you are done with your meal.
  11. You can have buttermilk after your meals for good digestion.Buttermilk improves digestion and mitigates kapha and vata. In Ayurvedic treatment, it is useful in the treatment of inflammation, digestive disorders, gastrointestinal disorders, lack of appetite, spleen disorders and anaemia. According to Ayurveda, buttermilk can be drunk at any time of the day. If you have stomach problems, drink buttermilk on an empty stomach in the morning.
  12. Always sit in Sukhasana with an erect body while eating your meals.
  13. Consume light, easily digestible food in the evening and that too before sunset if possible or max by 7:00 PM
  14. Always take a pinch of rock salt with ginger before a meal for proper digestion.
  15. Drink lukewarm water throughout the day.

Avoid Incompatible Foods/Virrudha Ahar
Bad Food Combinations as per Ayurveda causes food toxicity in the body and over time makes you sick. Regular consumption of improper food combinations can lead to inflammation at the molecular level and to degenerative illness subsequently.

Bad Food Combinations Cause Inflammation [Ayurveda Wisdom]

  1. Fish and Milk
  2. Egg and Milk
  3. Banana and Milk
  4. Dairy Products with Alcohol/Citric Acids
  5. Radish with Milk
  6. Lotus Stem with Honey
  7. Fruit Smoothies
  8. Honey with Ghee in equal quantities

Note: Don’t overindulge in any of the six tastes as that is not conducive for good health.

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Daily Regimen of Diet Recommendation

You may include the following food items daily in your diet:

  • Rice
  • Barley
  • Green Gram
  • Buttermilk
  • Saindhav Namak/Pink Himalayan Salt
  • Amla
  • Chyawanprash
  • Milk
  • Seasonal, Local, Organic Fruits and Vegetables
  • Ghee
  • Honey

For Detailed Daily Regime(Dincharya)

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