Ayurveda’s Golden Herb Tulsi

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Ayurveda’s Golden Herb Tulsi


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Long considered the Ayurveda’s Golden Herb, Tulsi is aromatic, beautiful, delicious and saatvic (lending light, perception and clarity). An adaptogen unlike any other, it can benefit just everyone.

Tulsi is light to digest and dries tissue secretions. It has a pungent, bitter taste, as well as light, dry and sharp properties and a hot potency. It pacifies Vata and Kapha dosha and aggravates Pitta. Both green and dark green (greenish black ) varieties have similar properties.

Ayurveda’s Golden Herb Tulsi also known as Holy Basil

An Ayurveda’s Queen of Herb has many Health Benefits

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  • Tulsi can increase both Ojas and Prana. Ojas is directly linked to the immune system, and Prana is our vital life force.
  • As an adaptogenic herb, it’s one of the finest herb. Tulsi helps the body cope with stress in its many forms, and can even help reverse the effects of stress.
  • Rich in antioxidants, it can help fight diabetes, high blood pressure, fever, asthma as well as cardiovascular and lung disorders.
  • As a blood purifier, it’s a powerhouse in flushing toxins and cleaning our bodies internal systems.
  • Tulsi removes kapha build up in the lungs and promotes healthy, un-congested breathing. It also balances excess vatta in the head, nerves and digestive tract.
  • Additionally, it promotes healthy circulation to encourage a healthy heart.
  • This herb is so incredibly versatile, effective, and can be used in many different forms. You can eat the leaves, make a tea with either fresh leaves or the powdered form or use the essential oil.

Tulsi Tea is highly beneficial! Include this wellness tea as part of your Ayurveda Lifestyle. Try Pure Yakuso Tulsi Green Tea. Yakuso, meaning the Healing Source in Zen philosophy, is apt for this tea that contains the holy Basil leaf, a sacred herb in India full of healing power. Combine with it the freshest and purest green tea from the Nilgiris, and you get a delicious tea with an arresting aroma that speaks wellness to every cell of your body. Abundant in antioxidants, the Yakuso Tulsi Green Tea tastes divine and offers stress relief and increased energy and boosts your natural immune system.

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