Avoid Drinking Ice Cold Water

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Avoid Drinking Cold Water and Ice-Cold Drinks (Ayurvedic Tips)


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Avoid Drinking Cold Water

Cold beverages dampen the digestive fire & can lead to digestive issues. Ayurveda recommends drinking water at room temperature or hot only.

Drinking Cold Water is a Slow Poison

As per Ayurveda, cold water is harmful to your health. It slows the movements of digestive enzymes which are an integral part of bodily fire or Pitta, so food does not get digested properly and creates indigestion which is the root cause of so many diseases. 

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Indigestion is the root cause of accumulation of toxins and formation of gas which then becomes the breeding ground for so many bad microorganisms, parasites, bacteria, funguses, viruses etc. It slows the movement of bad lipid particles and results in extra bad fat in the body. These lipids or fats relate with the liver and many hormonal glands which then influence our psychology (Manas).

Drinking enough water throughout the day is an essential factor for good health.

Drinking enough water throughout the day is an essential factor for good health. Water is an essential component for our kidneys health, radiant skin, bowel movements, lubrication of joints, digestive system, and support cardiac system, etc. Various experts recommend drinking anywhere from 8 to 10 glasses of water a day to live a healthy lifestyle.

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Ayurveda tips for Healthy Lifestyle

To improve your gut health, always drink lukewarm/hot water throughout the day. Ensure to drink 2 glasses of room temperature water on an empty stomach first thing in the morning. That is a very basic Ayurvedic lifestyle which you need to accommodate in your life and see how your digestive and gut health improves.

One more advice is to educate and inculcate the habit in your children and family members to drink the water at room temperature. Avoid drinking ice cold beverages and cold water completely and make this a lifestyle. If you really want to stay healthy and away from the allergies and keep diseases away from the root and not superficially, then make this as a lifetime habit. 

Healthy Habits to Replace Ice Cold Beverages

  1. Drink room temperature water as much as possible.
  2. Develop the habit of drinking hot water after 30 min of consuming meals.
  3. Include soups and broths, herbal tea, lemon ginger water.
  4. Instead of cold aerated drinks to quench your thirst during summers, include natural drinks to keep you cool like Aam Panna, Jaljeera, Sattu Sharbat, Buttermilk (Chaas), Coconut Water, Sugarcane Juice, Shikanji, Roohafza, Lassi, Basil Seeds Water, Barley Water, Watermelon juice, Imli Dhaniya Ka Sharbat.
  5. Stop putting water in the fridge, instead keep a clay jug for natural cold water.

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As per Ayurveda digestive fire or Pitta is everything. The heat is life and cold is death. So, please help Agni or fire to work properly so that you can prevent and cure diseases rather than suppress or autoimmune them and hence, stop drinking cold or fridge water.

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