6 Mindful Eating Habits for Digestive Well-being!

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6 Mindful Eating Habits for Digestive Well-being!


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Following this simple advice on 6 mindful eating habits can help you with a huge difference in your digestive well-being.

Digestive Fire

Your overall health rests on the proper functioning of your digestion. And digestion begins with the digestive fire(Jathara Agni).

So the first step in improving your digestion is to strengthen Jathara Agni(digestive fire).

And to do this, you need to become conscious towards your eating habits. Practically that means mindful eating, wherein listening to your feelings of hunger.

6 Mindful Eating Habits

  1. Don’t eat when you have no appetite, and also a don’t skip a meal when you are hungry.
  2. Create a discipline around eating your meals. On a daily basis, try to eat at regular times. When you do this then your digestive fire gets activated much more easily.
  3. Create your routine around your constitution. If you are a Kapha, you might eat one meal a day, plus one or two smaller snacks. As a Vata, you might eat five smaller meals and as a Pitta, you might need three full meals a day and moderate portion size.
  4. Use digestive spices and herbs in your cooking to activate your digestive fire.
  5. Chew your food well and eat mindfully, without distraction. Eat all the six tastes in your meals and be aware of each taste and enjoy it.
  6. Eat the biggest meal when your agni is strong ie between 12 and 2 pm, which is when the Sun is at its peak and so is the Pitta in our bodies, which takes care of the digestion. And a lighter meal towards evening ie maximum by 7pm

Following these simple advice can help you with a huge difference in your digestive well-being. Checkout Healthy Lifestyle Guide: 21 Healthy Habits Inspired by Ayurveda for Healthy Living. A holistic approach towards your daily habits, diet, and your mind consciousness.

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